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Jan 24, 2014 06:11 PM

Kopiaste - Astoria

Cyprus meze - a tasting menu of 17 or more traditional Cypriot meze for $22! (for those that do not know meze, you may think of them as similar to tapas found in Spain) . A bargain for the house made sausages and delicious food that is actually too much to finish.
Really a welcome change to the more simple and plain offerings of the grilled fish houses and blandness of the steam table joints.

The food here is seasoned and very tasty.

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  1. The web site specifies that meze are for two. Any chance for a solo eater around this?

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    1. re: wewwew

      The entire menu is super fantastic. A solo eater can do very well ordering anything from the regular menu.

      The food here is very good, house made by a chef and fully seasoned.

      It's not simple plain grilled fish place, but I think the menu might have a fish on it.

      Hope you do enjoy and please report back.

    2. Do they offer a vegetarian version of the meze extravaganza? It doesn't look like it from the online menu. Zenon Taverna does a meatless version of this.

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        I did not ask if they do a vegetarian version. The menu version is very heavy on the pork. Mostly pork preperations. And everything is house made, not commercially bought and simply heated and served, like many other places...

        I will say that although I do not have anything really "bad" to say about Zenon, the food we had at Kopiaste is FAR better. Better tasting, MUCH better seasoned and much more CARE in the preperation was clearly seen by all of us at the table.

        I would definitley give them a call for the option of a vegetarian Meze. Otherwise, the regular menu does have some vegetarian options...

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          I called about this and was told that they'll replace some meat dishes if you prefer; one of the two zucchini apps could be a possibility. But there aren't enough meatless options that aren't already part of the meze combo to sub out all nine non-veg dishes—at least without repeating seasonings or burying you in variations on cheese or similarly dressed salads.

        2. Thank you Gastronomos. After many attempted visits I got enough folks together to get here at lunch time friday. Great food which featured clear vibrant flavors that reminded one how little we ask (and get) from most Mediterranean fare restaurants.
          The house sausages, the pork and chicken kebobs (the chicken was dry but really bursting with excitement), and the sauteed wine and pork were standouts but the tzatziki and the hummus were full of taste also. Any time that 17 or so wonderful dishes come out and there is just one so so offering (the cracked wheat wasn't for me) you 're in a fantastic place.
          And, yes the amount of food is appropriate of a marathoners training table.

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          1. re: wewwew

            <<"Any time that 17 or so wonderful dishes come out and there is just one so so offering (the cracked wheat wasn't for me) you 're in a fantastic place.">>

            The cracked wheat here isn't my fave either.
            It's regional in Cyprus and this isn't a recipe that I am familiar with. Also, depending on the menu you read, online or in the restaurant there seems to be some confusion about the cracked wheat and its form. I think I read somewhere that it is served as "koupes". Not the case on our visit. It was the only dish we did not finish and take home. Anything else we did not finish, the dry chicken, pork etc. came home with us.

            It's nice to see your appreciation of real Greek food beyond plain grilled fish and gyros. It's good to see you waited to dine with friends and not solo. I have the solo issue daily... Thank you for reporting back!

            I hope to make it back to Kopiaste again soon. It's such a good deal for the food and the price and the fun with dancing on weekend nights...