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Jan 24, 2014 05:53 PM

Best in Watertown?

We recently moved out into the burbs of Watertown and are looking for good spots for breakfast, take out, dinner, etc. We have tried many of the main stream places but are looking for places we might have missed. We love ethnic food and have explored some of the middle eastern places in the area. Anything in Belmont or Waltham worth trying too? Thanks!

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  1. Shangri la
    Red lentil
    Strip ts
    Eastern lamejun
    Stella's pizza
    Have fun

    1. Breakfast all day at the Deluxe Town Diner.

      1. Stellina's remains a favorite of ours.

        1. Breakfast: The Spot on Main Street in Watertown, Victor's on North Beacon (they've just changed their name). Grappa for Italian, Strip T's for lunch and dinner, Sarna and Sofra , Armenian stores as well as Fastacchi for nuts, candy and nut butter that you'll find along Mt. Auburn, Russo's on Pleasant Street in Watertown for your fruit and veggie shopping, as well as lots of other supplies, De Pasquale's on Watertown Street for homemade sausage and Italian treasures.

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            Victor's is now called Watertown Diner. I don't think anything else has changed - went there for breakfast yesterday for the first time in ages - huge omelet, nice looking pancakes, all very cheap - a great diner breakfast.

            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              thanks Bob - I couldn't remember the name change! Best locaniko and great waitresses! quintessential diner.

          2. One of my all time favorite vendors from Boston area farmers markets has recently opened Seta's Cafe in nearby Belmont.


            She makes the best versions I've ever tasted of a bunch of middle eastern favorites like babaganoush. And, the reviews I've seen have been great.