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Jan 24, 2014 05:38 PM

toaster or toaster oven??

Didn't use toaster very often, so when I found a nice toaster overn (at a yard sale)... ditched the toaster. Don't like "toast" that comes outta it... too crispy and dry. Going back to toaster asap.

What do you have and why do you like it?

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  1. Here I go again raving about the Breville Smart oven.
    Toasts bread and bagels perfectly. Crisp on the outside and soft center.
    It has a setting for convection baking too.
    I have the larger size and its pretty pricey, but for me it was well worth it to have another oven.

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    1. re: Annief123

      I also have the breville t/o .and think it is very good-but if i want toast a toaster still does a much better and quicker job of it. Also ,I think as a toaster,it must be fairly inefficient due to size and distance from element. Btw the t/o was purchased because I am now primarily in a wheelchair and while the regular oven is still accessible ,it is difficult to use whereas the t/o is much more accessible

    2. Went back to retro-style two-slice toaster after years of sloooow toast from crappy little toaster oven. Toast is now practically instant, and there's more room on the counter. For the old t.o.'s other uses: toast nuts and seeds on stove, melt cheese toppings under broiler.

      If I were going to get another toaster oven, I'd go all the way and get a Breville -- that way at least it's a real oven.

      1. Toasters are better for toasts. However, they take up a lot of space. I rather have a toaster oven. I guess it really depends how often you eat toasts and how important they are.

        1. I love my Breville but not so much for bread toast (bagels toast great). I don't have the counter space for both a toaster and a toaster oven.

          Breville is so much less space to heat vs. the oven, I've cooked a whole chicken, cookies, bread, etc. Everything turns out great. I can suffer the bread toast with all the other positives.

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          1. re: robdob

            <Breville is so much less space to heat vs. the oven, I've cooked a whole chicken, cookies, bread, etc. >

            Yeah, yeah, but you still have a full oven at home, right?

            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              I do but I rarely use it. What is your point?

              1. re: robdob

                My point is that, as useful as Breville may be, it does not displace your regular oven, which means it does not free up extra kitchen space for you.

                When I read the statement "Breville is so much less space to heat vs. the oven..", it gives the impression of space-saving. Maybe I read it wrong.

                Or do you mean Breville is so much less time to heat?

                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                  The range oven size is a lot bigger than the Breville. I was talking about the size of the oven not the space it takes up.

                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    a breville costs so much less to run than a full-sized oven. my full-sized oven has become storage space except when baking larger quantities/sizes.

              2. re: robdob


                I have the big Breville, too. I get really great toast by flipping the bread once, about ½ -⅔ through the cycle. No need to be exact, it just works. but even when I forget, it's about the same as what came out of my toaster. Not perfect, but good.

                In addition to bagels, it rocks English muffins.

              3. The only advantage I've ever found for a toaster oven is they can broil or cook small, fast meals without having to heat up the whole oven or use the big broiler. But they make crappy toast because the elements are too far away from the bread so I stick to a regular toaster and my full-sized oven.

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                1. re: hal2010

                  <The only advantage I've ever found for a toaster oven is they can broil or cook small, fast meals without having to heat up the whole oven or use the big broiler.>

                  Maybe it is just me, but this "only" advantage is a pretty big deal. This is like someone telling me that the only advantage of a Prius is to double your gas mileage efficiency.

                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    Do you substitute the toaster oven for the oven enough that it's saving you more in electricity than the depreciation cost on the toaster oven per year?

                    If I have an old Ford, running it for 5 more years may be far cheaper than buying a new Prius, both in operations and maintenance and in the environmental cost.

                    1. re: hal2010

                      Very good point. For me, anyway, the speed of the toaster oven matters. The energy saving will be small especially for a high end toaster oven like Breville (>$250). The speed matters. Instead of waiting for 10+ minutes to reheat a full oven, I can get my food ready in a toaster what it will take the full oven to just preheat.

                      I mean if you were to tell me that my toaster oven will use the same cook time as a regular oven, then it will be heck a lot less attractive to me.

                      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                        I go back and forth about swapping my toaster for a toaster oven.

                        The only thing I would use a toaster oven for instead of my oven is to broil fish. But I don't think I would want to use a fish-smelling toaster oven to make toast every morning.

                        1. re: calumin

                          I use my toaster oven for a lot of reheating. Kind of like microwave, but doing things that microwave not good at. Let's say I want to reheat some pizza or scallion pancakes or chicken drumsticks.

                          Oh yes, one thing I do enjoy using my toaster oven for is to melt butter onto my toast. :)

                          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                            I purchased a Breville to have second oven, not as an oven to use instead of my primary oven.
                            I don't worry about saving energy, heating up the kitchen or being able to heat things up in a faster manner.

                            I regret not putting in a double oven and a warming drawer in my kitchen. I love having 2 ovens when I entertain. When my primary oven is being used for the main coarse I can use my Breville for the appetizer, or for something that may need to bake at a different temp. It also has a warm setting to hold food. The the top of the oven can be utilized as a plate warmer.
                            Even when dinner is made completly on the stovetop I have the plates or bowls in the Breville warming.

                            I'm so surprised no one has mentioned they use it in tandem w/ thier other oven.

                        2. re: Chemicalkinetics

                          Hey Chem,

                          I think the energy savings of an oven like the Breville is going to be pretty big over the life of the oven. 120V means less energy use on top of the time savings in both preheat and cook times. My brownies cook 8 minutes faster in my Breville after preheating.

                          Like a lot of people, I use mine whenever the food will fit, which for me is most of the time.

                          1. re: DuffyH

                            I believe the Breville has a 1800 W rating (maximum rating).


                            An regular full size electric oven probably will use about 3000-3500 W.



                            Let's just say the normal operation watt is 1300 W for Breville and 3000 W for a regular oven, then the energy saving is 1700 W or 1.7 kW

                            Most of US pays about 12 cent per kW-h or $0.12 per kW-h


                            In other words, if a person operates Breville
                            for 1225 hours, then he/she can save (1225 h)*(1.7 kW)*($0.12/(kW-h)) or $250 -- the price of a Breville oven.

                            For someone who uses their oven about 1 h per day or 7 h per week, he or she can even out the cost of the Breville oven in about 4.6 years

                            For someone like me who uses their toaster oven for 1 h per week, it will take me 32 years to make up the purchase cost. :)

                            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                              Well, you'd better get cooking, then. ;)