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Jan 24, 2014 05:14 PM

quick help!! aventura vicinity?//

anything with great fresh pasta nearby, besides migliori place on Miami gardens drive..waited till last minute and plans changed for tonight..looking for something for my son...thanks for any quick ideas!

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  1. Where did you end up? Not many fresh pasta choices in Aventura area.

    There is a fairly new place located in an office building behind the Piublix that serves house-made pastas. I have not been yet though. I will make an effort to try and report back.

    ** update** a reliable source said it's worse than Luca Bella.

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      we ended up at Yakko San again! was so good, and we couldn't find any ideas in vicinity for pasta other than migliore place I've been to on Miami gardens which is pricey for what it it..remembered ragazzi café in surfside, but boy did their prices go up--and didn't want to go far--Aventura could really use a reasonably priced Italian restaurant--you know the one with killer garlic rolls, great salad, dependable pastas, and classic entrees..we have so many places like that in ny..especially long island...----

      anyway Yakko san, delicious--got the Bolognese for my son, it was SO GOOD! and huge portion--got the bok choy again, and shrimp with noodles--and some dessert..table next to us had friend rice which didn't look fried at all, --this was meat would be good kids meal also..the bbq beef looked good, and the large soup/meat looked huge--their salad with salmon on it looked good too--

      -Went to captain jim's tonight, FABULOUS meal--grouper special, snapper broiled, stone crabs, shrimp scampi, plantains,---ready for this? stone crabs, way better than joe's, fresher--and no crazy black spots all over them either--sweet as could be, and their mustard sauce was great--all the seafood just SO FRESH...this place is a gem! prices about 1/4 of Joe's--and snapper was better here than joe's...

      1. re: janie

        Nice. Yes, Captain Jim's serves very good Stonies.

    2. Try Casa Mia on 123rd st for great pasta at reasonable prices.