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No Meat Pizza

My wife and I have a tradition of pizza on Fridays with our son. For financial reasons we have started doing homemade pizza. We then decided that we would do without meat one day a week and being that we are approaching Lent we decided to forgo meat on Fridays.

So what interesting no meat pizza combinations can you come up with?

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  1. Not sure if you're still having fish but I like sardines and fennel or artichoke and green olives.

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    1. Chopped broccoli, tomato, artichoke hearts, mushrooms.
      Spinach, sun-dried tomato, feta, little oregano.

      1. I love Trader Joe's meatless meatballs, which come frozen. I don't think they'd hold together well enough to slice for pizza topping, but they could be diced or crumbled. They have a true meaty texture and flavor.

        Mushrooms, of course, make a heartier pizza. I'd also recommend dry beans that have been soaked and cooked in vegetable broth.

        Caramelized onions for either a tomato or non-tomato based pizza.

        For a non-tomato pizza, thinly-sliced winter squash with spinach and a nutty cheese.

        Coleslaw, drained. I kid you not. Preferably on a sausage and onion pizza, but not necessarily. Seaweed salad, with fontina cheese and scallions/shallots.

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          Those meatless balls are "being reformulated" by TJ's and ((((fingers crossed)))) should be back by march..... :/ no longer in stores now

        2. We made a delicious meatless pizza last week - tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella base, topped with shredded brussels sprouts (about a 1/2 c per serving), chopped pecans, smoked hot paprika, olive oil, salt and pepper. Sounds a little weird, but it was a great combination!

          1. Learn to make the classic pizza Margherita. Possibly the finest meatless pizza of all. Just be sure to use fresh mozzarella, not the shredded "pizza cheese" sold in bags. Tomatoes or tomato sauce, fresh mozz, fresh basil. Add the basil after it bakes. Best with a thin crust.

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              plus 1000! recommendations.

              1)Make your own dough and
              2) learn this very basic pizza first, before you try anything else.

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                Yes. Thin crust, home made sauce.

                We've taken to adding mushrooms and green peppers.

                Also, have you considered "Zwiebelkuchen" which is basically a German pizza type dish topped with carmelised onions and a sour cream custard?


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                Trader Joe's sells buffalo mozzarella for a fairly decent price. For me that is a must have on Margherita pizza.

              3. Thin sliced potato with rosemary. Shaved asparagus is wonderful. Something odd I tried and liked was drained and rinsed sauerkraut...I told my husband what it was after he'd eaten it and said it was good! It's really fun once you get past the basics--anything in the fridge is fair game to try. Commenting on Greygarious's suggestion of beans, when I was in college a local delivery place came up with a pork & bean pizza...they gave out free samples to convince people they were good! Vegetarian baked beans would work.

                1. If fish is ok, then anchovy and olive.

                  1. My favorite pizza is pesto, topped with sliced tomatoes [sun-dried are good too], goat cheese and a few pine nuts.

                      1. One of my favorite pizzas has shrimp on it so that could be something different. But definitely mushrooms, spinach and caramelized onions will be fantastic!

                        1. White pizza w/ clams and garlic olive oil. Recently,I've taken to cracking an egg on top of whatever pizza I'm making.

                          1. I like white pizzas. 1. Rabe (broccoli is good too) sauteed in olive oil with garlic. A little mozzarella on the crust first, then the rabe and then a shower of finely grated Romano when it comes out of the oven. 2. Caramelized onion, pear and blue cheese. 3. Sauteed onions, red peppers and fennel. Again a little mozzarella underneath, lots of Romano on top.

                            1. A favorite combination of mine is asparagus and mushrooms with Fontina cheese and a garlic olive oil sauce.

                              1. Very thinly sliced eggplant & goat cheese.

                                1. Goat cheese, fig (or fig jam,) and basil is delicious!

                                  1. Caramelized onions made into a puree mixed with fresh ricotta and slathered on the crust; top with spinach, arugula, seedless red grapes and rosemary...finish with pecorino

                                    1. White with Ricotta, Mozzarella, Broccoli Rabe and Garlic

                                      Fried/Broiled Eggplant and Sun-Dried Tomatoes with Ricotta and Mozzarella

                                      Both pizza, even with store bought dough comes in less than $4 each

                                      1. Ina Garten has a delicious recipe for white pizza - fontina, mozzarella & goat cheese. After baking, put some baby arugula on top. So good!

                                        1. In Israel they put tuna canned in oil on pizza since they don't mix milk and meat. It's not bad

                                          1. Mushroom duxelles, you can season with different herbs

                                            1. Ribbons of courgettes and thinly sliced mushrooms and garlic. I use a peeler to get the long ribbons of courgette. When I scatter them on the pizza I don't worry about getting them meticulously spread out in a single layer - they're so thin that they cook right down even if the ribbons are draped over themselves.

                                              1. white sauce or just olive oil, thin sliced par boiled potatoes, gruyere, caramelized onions rosemary. On a very thin crust. A bit of prosciutto adds great flavor for a meat day, but it's great without

                                                1. White clam sauce with mozz, parm & fontina
                                                  Fried eggplant cutlets, red sauce & cheeses
                                                  Greek with black olives, spinach, red onion, fresh tomato, feta & mozz
                                                  Broccoli rabe, roasted garlic & smoked provolone
                                                  Caramelized leeks, onions and Gouda
                                                  Black beans (refried is good) cheddar & Mexican cheeses, after cooked, topped with shredded lettuce, chopped fresh tomatoes and drizzled with ranch dressing
                                                  Smoked salmon, creme fraiche, chopped red onion & dill (only dough is cooked)

                                                  1. One of my all time favorites is walnut halves, either cheddar or swiss or fontina cheese and chopped red onion.

                                                    also figs soaked in a little balsamic, chopped onion and a little mozzarella.

                                                    I love fresh tomatoes on pizza. Add olives, basil, mozzarella.
                                                    dont make many pizzas with red sauce here.

                                                    1. Start with tomato sauce and caramelized onions on the base. Add burrata cheese when pizza is close to done. When cheese melts, add arugula on top and sprinkle with toasted, crushed walnuts and lots of crushed red pepper. Eat immediately.

                                                      Roasted pumpkin, goat cheese and smoked paprika.

                                                      1. My favorite non-traditional pizza is caramelized onions, butternut squash and goat cheese. But I don't know if you want to go that far "outside of the box."

                                                        For a more traditional pizza, how about zucchini slices that are marinated for a few hours with olive oil, fresh garlic and herbs with salt and pepper. When baked on a pizza it kind of replaces pepperoni.

                                                        1. I do eat meat, but I never liked meat on pizza.

                                                          Top with a small amount of crushed tomato,diced mozzarella,with anchovies. The Agostina Recca brand packed in salt is one of my favorites.

                                                          A local pizzeria makes one with a tuna from Italy,some halved cherry tomatoes,mozzarella,top with some arugala when pulled out of the oven.

                                                          Use small amounts of topping. Less is best.

                                                          1. Caramelized onions, chopped roasted garlic, rosemary, and a drizzle of some good quality EVOO. Cook as normal. Then top with some fresh arugula and basil and drizzle with a bit more EVOO, garnish with some kosher salt and fresh ground pepper before serving.

                                                            No meat, no cheese, no fuss. Just good.

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                                                              So are you baking the pizza crust first?

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                                                                The crust with the onions, garlic, rosemary and EVOO first.

                                                            2. Lots of thinly sliced fresh tomato, marinated artichoke hearts, cheeses. Too delicious.

                                                              1. I am a total meat lover, but when I make pizza at home, I often make this meatless pizza because it is SO GOOD:

                                                                I steep a smashed garlic clove or two in olive oil, along with some ribbons of basil (smush the basil a bit to release the flavour; let it sit for about 15 mins). I then brush this flavoured oil on the dough, and top with sauteed or roasted mushrooms -- shiitake, oyster, cremini, portabello... whatever strikes your fancy.

                                                                Then I toss shredded pecorino romano / parmesean / aged provolone on top and bake. Toss on some arugula for the last minute or 2 in the oven, then drizzle with truffle oil once it's out of the oven.

                                                                I could eat this forever. Of course, being the meat lover I am, I usually add a bit of prosciutto, and then I could eat this forever and a day. :) The veg version is still so delicious and satisfying though.

                                                                1. Favorites here:

                                                                  Caramelized onion and potato pizza with gruyere or aged cheddar
                                                                  Tomato, basil, mozzarella
                                                                  Mushroom, olives, and aged cheddar
                                                                  Sweet corn and halved cherry tomatoes (summer only)
                                                                  Beet and goat cheese, sometimes with arugula added after baking

                                                                  All of these are white pizzas - no sauce, just a little olive oil, oregano, and red pepper flakes on the dough, then toppings, then cheese. For the potato pizza, we microwave a russet potato, let cool, and then thinly slice. Beets are also cooked ahead. Mushrooms too.

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                                                                  1. - BBQ Pizza, perhaps with a blend of monterey jack & cheddar. You could put some veggies and fruits on it like green peppers, pineapple, olives, red onion...

                                                                    - Olive Tapenade Pizza with a blend of cheeses

                                                                    - Spinach & Artichoke, try it with some Cabo Habanero Cheese or a spicy Pepperjack cheese, and some parmesan. Spread some fresh garlic and olive oil on the crust first before adding toppings.

                                                                    - Mushroom and Artichoke, similar to the veggie subs at Penn Station, sauteed mushrooms and artichokes, spread some mayo on the dough, then add them, then add mozaarella cheese and hit it with some oregano then bake

                                                                    - "Sicilian Style" (it's known as Brier Hill Pizza in my neck of the woods), very simple, it's just sauce, roasted bell peppers, a dusting of romano (generous amount, but don't overdo it), and a pinch of red pepper flakes. The lack of cheese causes the sauce and peppers to concentrate and become extra sweet.

                                                                    - Taco Pizza, taco sauce, mexican cheese blend and your other favorite taco toppings

                                                                    - Egg Pizza. My church used to make these, garlic and olive oil on the crust, then pour scrambled eggs, add some roasted bell peppers and hit it with a generous amount of Romano cheese.

                                                                    You can also make some of your own toppings that would otherwise be expensive if store bought, such as sun dried tomatoes (there's numerous recipes for these online, that you can make in your oven). Marinated artichokes & Olives are also easy to make yourself and much cheaper than the olive bar at your grocery store.

                                                                    1. -mozzerella, lots of basil, a little pecorino, after baked most of the way add 2-3 eggs to the top cook until just set but have runny yolks

                                                                      - spicy puttanesca sauce, lots of onion and mushrooms. Once done cooking top with a pile of arugala lightly dressed with lemon and olive oil

                                                                      - hummus as sauce, sundried tomatoes, olives, hefty sprinkle of sumac, when done add squeeze of fresh lemon

                                                                      1. Right now I'm into olives, onions, and jalapenos with a dash of red pepper flakes.