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Jan 24, 2014 04:07 PM

No Meat Pizza

My wife and I have a tradition of pizza on Fridays with our son. For financial reasons we have started doing homemade pizza. We then decided that we would do without meat one day a week and being that we are approaching Lent we decided to forgo meat on Fridays.

So what interesting no meat pizza combinations can you come up with?

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  1. Not sure if you're still having fish but I like sardines and fennel or artichoke and green olives.

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    1. Chopped broccoli, tomato, artichoke hearts, mushrooms.
      Spinach, sun-dried tomato, feta, little oregano.

      1. I love Trader Joe's meatless meatballs, which come frozen. I don't think they'd hold together well enough to slice for pizza topping, but they could be diced or crumbled. They have a true meaty texture and flavor.

        Mushrooms, of course, make a heartier pizza. I'd also recommend dry beans that have been soaked and cooked in vegetable broth.

        Caramelized onions for either a tomato or non-tomato based pizza.

        For a non-tomato pizza, thinly-sliced winter squash with spinach and a nutty cheese.

        Coleslaw, drained. I kid you not. Preferably on a sausage and onion pizza, but not necessarily. Seaweed salad, with fontina cheese and scallions/shallots.

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          Those meatless balls are "being reformulated" by TJ's and ((((fingers crossed)))) should be back by march..... :/ no longer in stores now

        2. We made a delicious meatless pizza last week - tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella base, topped with shredded brussels sprouts (about a 1/2 c per serving), chopped pecans, smoked hot paprika, olive oil, salt and pepper. Sounds a little weird, but it was a great combination!

          1. Learn to make the classic pizza Margherita. Possibly the finest meatless pizza of all. Just be sure to use fresh mozzarella, not the shredded "pizza cheese" sold in bags. Tomatoes or tomato sauce, fresh mozz, fresh basil. Add the basil after it bakes. Best with a thin crust.

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              plus 1000! recommendations.

              1)Make your own dough and
              2) learn this very basic pizza first, before you try anything else.

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                Yes. Thin crust, home made sauce.

                We've taken to adding mushrooms and green peppers.

                Also, have you considered "Zwiebelkuchen" which is basically a German pizza type dish topped with carmelised onions and a sour cream custard?


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                Trader Joe's sells buffalo mozzarella for a fairly decent price. For me that is a must have on Margherita pizza.