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Jan 24, 2014 03:59 PM

Where to find Skotidakis 9% Plain Yogurt

This is the only yogurt I ever buy but The Big Carrot stopped selling it, then Costco started but then stopped selling it and the only 2 places I can find it are The Summerhill Market (way too expensive) and Foodland on the Danforth west of Pape (often out of stock). I know it's not everyone's style but I like that it is so thick and tangy and I've tried all of them out there and nothing tastes quite like it to me. Also, I like supporting a Canadian private company

I emailed Skotidakis and to find out which stores carried it and they said they could not tell me which stores ordered this particular yogurt but emailed a list of who bought their products in Toronto. I started going through the list but the stores I went to only had the flavoured kind. I only like the plain 9% M.F. version (as shown in the attached pic) as I prefer to add my own fruit or maple syrup or just eat it plain.

Rather than go through the whole list which has proven fruitless so far (no pun intended), has anyone seen this yogurt in anywhere in Toronto?

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  1. They sell this at Starsky's. Also they had it at Highland Farms Mississauga location but I haven't been there in months. Last time I went, Krinos was taking up more and more of the yogurt space

    1. whole foods has it for the cheapest ive seen 3.99 a tub, sometimes 2.99 on sale

      1. I have bought it at Ellas on Pape in the past.
        Ellas Meat Market Ltd. 674 Pape Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4K 3S5 416-461-1211

        It's around $5 there. (not the best price, but they consistently had it)

        There is a pic of the yogurt in their gallery below

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          Thanks for the Whole Foods and Ellas sources for this yoghurt. I am going to check both out. Too bad Costco does not provide it as it used to be 2 tubs for $6.99. They told me they were just not selling enough to keep offering it.

        2. The Danforth Foodland that you mentioned in your original post had ~10 on the shelf this morning around 10am priced at $4.99/tub. If you come to the neighborhood today (Sunday), please note that Ellas is closed on Sundays.

          Good luck!

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          1. re: Deep Puddle

            Thanks. I guess I am just unlucky when I go as they are often out of stock. Used to be $3.99 only a few months ago at Danforth Foodland and now up 25%, arghhh.

          2. Well I stopped by Whole Foods today and they had the Skotidakis 9% Plain Yogurt 500ml on sale for $3.39 which is almost 1/2 the $5.99 price at Summerhill Market and $1.60 less than the $4.99 price at Foodland. It was even cheaper on sale than what Costco sold it for up until a couple months ago, ie 2/$6.99. I can't remember what Whole Foods regular price was though. (And, bonus - they had my organic hair styling gel on sale for 1/2 price!)

            They had lots of stock. I think I'll just buy it there from now on as it's a bit more convenient for me than the Danforth.

            Thanks for all the help!