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Jan 24, 2014 03:47 PM

Armenian Meat Market throwdown: Karabagh vs Golden Farms vs Super King

I'll start by reminiscing fondly over the day I discovered Golden Fish Meat and Deli in Hye Plaza back in the early 2000s. Floored by watching a man work a grill that resembled a foosball table, my tongue dropped when I saw that they would cook what you bought for the same "in house" butcher shop price. The only draw back was that they didn't have tahini sauce.

Now it is 2014.I have since learned how to make my own tahini sauce. Golden Fish, as I remembered it, is long gone. I have moved on and discovered the likes of Karabagh Meat Market, the zoo that is Super King, and as of an hour go, just made my first pilgrimage to Golden Farms. Each market is awesome in it's own right but short of conducting my own "side by side" grilling comparison, which of these three is the "best"? Also, while I can't remember the prices off the top of my head, Golden Farms charged $8 a pound for marinated boneless lamb - does that seem high? Further - is there a better place I have not mentioned that is the true king of Kabobs?

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  1. I like kabob factory in valley glen or Glendale. Their lamb chops are amazing! Take out only!

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      I agree about the one in Valley Glen. I am never 100% sure about the name. It is often listed as Sweet One Bakery & Kabab Factory.

      The marinated, boneless chicken breast and thighs are fantastic for $4.99/lb and $4.59/lb respectively. The lamb is good and I have enjoyed some of their rib eyes I've bought (usually on sale for $4.99-$5.99/lb). It's not the highest-quality beef, but I can usually find a well-marbled steak.

    2. do all those places do buy we grill?

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      1. Well, the meat at Super King is terrible.
        But your meat in a respectable place, wherever, and think about buying other items at Super king. I used to be much more of a fan of SK than I am now.
        Times, and the competition, have changed, yet Super King has not.
        Get the meat items, assuming the quantities are appropriate, at Costco. Their leg of lamb, and rack of lamb are very good, and very well pricesd.
        Karabagh has certain items that are much better than others, and meat is never on the top end of that list.

        1. in that burbank/glendale area, i think the chicken kebabs at cafe bravo are reasonably unbeatable.
          it's a restaurant, not a market, though.
          and, they've expanded, and somehow lost...something. i think the place is less efficient than before.
          but the chicken kebabs taste the same.