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Jan 24, 2014 02:24 PM


Are there any other sweetbreads lovers out there? I can't find a restaurant in San Diego County other than Urban Solace that serves sweetbreads - and I would prefer the dish as an entree on a French menu..

I've searched on all of Yelp's listed suspects - The Smoking Goat, The French Gourmet, 100 Wines, Cucina Urbana, Hexagone - and none of them have sweetbreads on their current menus. I live a block from Solace @ Moonlight in Encinitas, and I've eaten there a few times, so I don't really want to head down to Urban Solace just for the one dish. Sweetbreads should be a given on a French bistro menu, so where are they?

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  1. Piatti, Smoking Goat (often not always), Cafe Chloe (last week they had lamb sweetbreads), Cowboy Star, La Bastide, WhisknLadle, Pearl all have it quite often on the menu but it's always good to give them a call before you go

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      Thanks honkman!

      Unfortunately neither Smoking Goat, Chloe, La Bastide nor WhisknLadle have sweetbreads on their regular menus. Piatti does as an app, but Italian is just not going to work for our meal. Likewise Pearl (the Chinese place, right?), Cowboy Star (I'm not the steakhouse type) and Addison (too $$$$) don't really fill the bill.

      I guess I'll call Smoking Goat and Chloe to see if they might have it as a special/rotating item. When Smoking Goat had it it was part of a veal dish which would be super, but even though I've never knowingly had lamb sweetbreads (ris de agneau?) I'd probably give it a try as well.

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        Not to sway you, but Piatti's sweetbreads serving is really generous. I can't remember if it was an app, but we've brought home leftovers on more than one occasion.

    2. Not really an answer to the question, as it's not in SD County, but just a bit farther down the road to Marche Moderne at South Coast Plaza is outstanding, and part of a French menu.

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          Probably not prepared the same as an entrée on a French menu...

        2. I had outstanding Sweetbreads (2) at the Hexagon on Monday Restaurant Week's menu for the Appetizer choice. Almost an Entre on their own.
          Prepared better, then I ever remember anywhere in the past 40 years!
          I also think of the French Market Place and Hexagon for
          Calves Liver prepared correctly.

          We don't see many glandular meats on menus because of the increased demands and costs over the years as our demographics have changed.
          Americans are less likely to enjoy these choices of protein. Hamburgers seem to have the market at this time.

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            I agree he is right I'm sorry for not calling out Hexagon as they do Sweet Breads really Well.

          2. Solace and Moonlight in Encinitas and Cowboystar. Those are the 2 places in SD that get it. If your in Atlanta Holeman and Finch(Sp)