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Jan 24, 2014 02:13 PM

Where the Buffalo Roam.....and the glass towers with beer fizz

Wings are an interesting phenomena.

In NYC there are some venues that claim to be 'the best', and fail, making this phenomena nothing more than nonentity.

Well, the huge TV screens and football telecast that even the audio follows one into the lavatory, were not enough to keep me away and my taste buds from knowing whether or not Buffalo Wild Wings was anything other than a nonentity.

For some reason, the sports affiliated elements of the atmosphere, are not as bad as some places, besides, most tables had at least a woman or even two, making the slogan "sports bar" not applicable.

The menu might be onerous at first, if one wants simple traditional wing sauce, and not the sugar coated thai...brazil....etc, but reading the fine print or having their friendly staff issue assistance does the trick.

There are sauce titles that are traditional in ascendency to hotter..hottest, on the menu as you read down, and they are

They insisted on giving me a sample of the all, and I chose blistering or blitz (I forgot the actual name save for the 'b'), but as larger orders are able to be mixed I had 5 wild and 5 blitz.

The wild are really not hot enough. The blitz are amazing. my beer, a nonentity that is commercially known as Heineken, became loaded with flavors as the blitz hot sauce opened up my flavor buds sensitivity.

Even after I finished them, I sat there, face incredibly red, waitress stating "do you need ice cream..." and simply being in heaven. Ice cream would be something sent by the devil to extinguish the heaven.

I had not had such pleasure since the Hou Yi Hot Pot on Eldridge, such is the name of the hot game, I do not know how Hunan and Sichaun natives can survive in this country. I can't. Cooking at home I suppose.

Well, go there. It is one chain I shall be revisiting.

Of course the menu has all sorts of nonentities, and that is due to most Americans indulge in nonentities of food all the time. There wings are incredible, and if you want to increase the stores revenue, by all means order things such as their cheese balls, their slammers,,,,,,,etc. But their wings should dominate.

...........and the beer.

Buffalo Wild Wings

139 Flatbush Ave and 107-16 71st Ave
Forest Hills

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  1. I think "blazin' " is the name of the sauce. For me, anything that hot is a...wait for it...nonentity.

    1. So ridiculously spicy wings made Heineken taste better?

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      1. re: MVNYC

        Yes, to be certain, this happens with certain good hot sauces, or hot pepper distributions with most food.

        At home I cook really hot food. After my meal I have this overriding desire for coffee, and I make haste to prepare it as my mouth is still ladened with fire.

        I mention this as an educational tip for people who love flavor. It may not be for all people, of course.

        There must be a science to it.

        Beer of course is augmented in flavors, be it the crafty kinds, imports, or the nonentities such as bud and hinnie.

        I began with eating mostly all hot dishes, spicy that is, in the early 1990s. It had something to do with visiting Asian grocers for my shopping, and ones that had a section that catered to South Asians (hindis).

        My stomach and taste buds are not destroyed. Red about some of the stomach health related features of hot spicy foods, especially some written about Sichuan food.

        The stomach is more affected adversely by starches and processed foods, than hot pepper. The only weak point to hot pepper might be the pain that it causes, in the waste process, but to no detriment.

        Cancer of the colon has much to do with all that is missing in a rural diet in rural Sichaun or Thailand or Hunan.....and Korea.