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Jan 24, 2014 02:12 PM

60th birthday dinner

Our family of 6 is meeting up in New Orleans in early May as a surprise trip for my mom's 60th birthday. We want to celebrate her birthday with a nice dinner. We're staying in the quarter, so any area nearby would work.

She's never been to New Orleans so we want something with distinct New Orleands flavor that will really knock her socks off - great celebratory atmosphere, top notch service, and, most importantly, fantastic food. Maybe even a place that will go over the top for her big day.

What are you suggestions for a celebration dinner?

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  1. Commander's Palace. It's in the Garden District in a big old mansion. Very festive.

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    1. re: Plano Rose

      I agree that CP is a very good fit for the specifics of your request.

      Brigtsens and August, with nice atmosphere and good food, might be second choices. And Bayona.

    2. We recently went to la petite grocery for my husband's 70th birthday. Very lovely atmosphere and fantastic food!

      1. Early May ould be good for Bayona's courtyard and they might bump a regular for you if you called far enough in advance and got a guarantee. Any of the old-line places know how to throw a party. Antoine's will put Happy Birthday on a baked alaka, Galatoire's will have the room sing if you like(although that will trigger three or four more birthdays). Both of them have NOLA classics. If you don't want to dress then something like Emeril's. Even at August you can get away with neat but not coat and tie.

        1. I'm giving a third thumb's up for Commander's Palace.
          Just let them know you are celebrating a birthday and they will go over the top of their already fantastic service.

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            I've remarked before that Commander's has always been a roller-coaster place and ranges wildly although its lows are never bad. It is a great party place and, as I said above, is one of the old line (albeit junior member) places that are used to such shows. A lady I knew had her 90th birthday party there and it was a scream. She insisted that her nieces had chosen the place because it would be easy to carry her across the street to the Cemetery when it was over. She then went home--about ten blocks--changed clothes and went to Galatoire's for dinner. A helluva show. She lasted another ten years

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              Another vote for Commanders. Perhaps the Chef's table?

            2. This thread:

              will have some of my top choices.

              Enjoy, and Happy Birthday to your mom!