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Jan 24, 2014 01:22 PM

How does my eating itinerary look?

I'm a Charlestonian coming to Denver for the first time. Did some research on this site and others and have a good list started but wanted your advice on it. As far as what I'm looking for: good local foods and specialties that make Denver, well, Denver. What's a great dish I can get there and only there? I am not interested in southern cuisine or tasting menus. Cost isn't a major factor as well. Have a car so able to travel within Denver.

Also, I will be arriving Superbowl Sunday and staying at Sheraton Downtown. Is there a good place nearby to watch the game? Go Broncos!

lunch: biker jim's
dinner: euclid hall

lunch: cherry cricket
dinner: uncle

lunch pho 95 or new saigon (lakewood)
dinner ???

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  1. I can't comment on the restaurants as I'm not too well versed on those (although Biker Jim's is awesome!). I did have a great dinner at both Colt & Gray and Beast & Bottle recently, might be options for your Tuesday night dinner.

    As for the bar... where you're staying is surrounded by bars and restaurants. I can guarantee any of them will be a great place to watch the game. However, you might have to arrive early to get a seat. Heck, even Biker Jim's has TVs and beer, you could probably just stay there. If not there, there's a ton of bars on that block.

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      I second Biker Jim's. They not only have really interesting meats in their hot dogs, but also do a good job pairing them with ingredients that you don't usually find with hot dogs.

      I'm still a relative newbie to the area and live closer to Boulder than Denver, so can't comment yet on the other restaurants in your list. That being said, a few other thoughts:

      I would definitely recommend hitting up one (or more) of the micro-breweries around here. My SO did not like beer before moving to Colorado, but after trying some of the beers here, she's become more of a beer drinker than me. Our favorite Denver brewery is the Great Divide and if you get a chance to come up to the Boulder area, we like Avery and Left Hand breweries.

      Lastly, we're fans of Lao Wang Noodle House. It's run by a Chinese couple (of grandparent age) that have made so many handmade dumplings over their lifetime, their thumbs are warped. Their potsticker dumplings and noodles compare well with those sold in Flushing, NY (which is one of the highest compliments you can get from me). I'd also recommend their specialty beer made at a local brewery, co-run by their son.

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        lao wang sounds amazing - it's going on the list! thank you!