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Jan 24, 2014 12:44 PM

Restaurants with movies playing

Restaurants with TVs or screens tend to play sports, news, or regular TV, but a few play films. For Foreign Cinema in the Mission, it's a big part of the experience if your table chooses to turn on the volume. Where else can you get a bite to eat and watch movies, either as part of the atmosphere or the actual entertainment? Two places come to mind:

Noir Lounge, a retro-decorated wine bar in Hayes Valley, has film noirs playing. Good fried chicken too and there are plans for them to brew their own beers according to this article:

The New Parkway theater on Oakland : kind of the reverse of this post, but it's a movie theater that serves food and drink

Anything else?

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  1. Corso in Berkeley has Italian movies with subtitles, sound off.

    The Cerrito Theater is like the Parkway. I think the Vine Cinema & Alehouse in Livermore is as well.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Corso had the end of the super bowl on when I was there two years ago. :(

      Colibri plays old Mexican movies (I assume Mexican) with the sound off.

      1. re: Glencora

        >Colibri plays old Mexican movies with the sound off.
        well on that standard, many, many indian places will have
        some bollywood movie playing ... maybe sound on, maybe off.

        actually what i would be interested in would be indian (pakistani) places that show cricket matches, if they are at an amenable hour. aisde from the special occasion of the shalimar "backroom" for a world cup match.

        1. re: psb

          An Indian guy I used to work with went to someplace in Fremont or Milpitas to watch cricket. The place opened early on game days.

    2. Curious about the experience of watching a movie at Foreign Cinema. Can you actually go and watch the whole film, or is it more of a background atmosphere kind of situation?

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      1. re: possumspice

        More of a background atmosphere kind of situation, outside in the courtyard. The onetime I went it was raining outside, so watching wasn't an option.

      2. Well, once I went to a local restaurant and they were playing "Avatar" on their flatscreen. Thing is, it had just come out in the theaters a day or two before that.


        1. I believe B Side BBQ runs old movies featuring African-American cowboy stars or did the last time I was there.

          1. And the Sundance Kabuki serves food and drink you can take in to some theaters.
            Expect this trend to continue. Rumor has it the Red Vic Theatre will reopen with some variation on the concept.

            Many Asian small places have the TV on, often with no sound but closed captions, offering news, sports, soap operas and music videos from that country...such as Champa Gardens.

            Remember when pizza parlors showed 16mm prints of comedies and cartoons back in the 1960-70s?

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            1. re: garymey

              The Shattuck multiplex in Berkeley has a bar / cafe and you can bring food and drinks from it into the two smallest theaters.