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Jan 24, 2014 12:00 PM

ISO No Ketchup BBQ Recipe

Hi all,
I work at a childcare food program and we are always trying to make more things from scratch. We're trying to find a BBQ sauce recipe were we can control the sugar content easily. To this end we are looking for one with no ketchup. We've tried a few things that are good but not great sucess. We can get very hig quality local maple syrup so I'd rather use that that white or borwn sugar, but a mix is ok.
With you kids they cannot handle too spicey to too vinegary so something sweet and tangy is the goal.
Any ideas?

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  1. Can you just use tomato paste?

    1. There are reduced sugar ketchups available.

      1. This looks like what you want- i have had great success with smitten kitchen recipes but haven't yet made this one myself. You may want to use less chili for kids:

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          The way I read this recipe, it yields about 6 cups sauce. You may want to think about altering the recipe whole cup Dijon and cider vinegar (you asked that it not be vinegary) 1/2 cup soy sauce is too much for the quantity you're making (at least for kids tastes) and 1/2 tablespoon of pepper flakes is definitely too much.

          I make sauce all the time, although mine is entirely different and not really suited for small kids tastes but that cider vinegar is strong, you may want to cut it in half and add some apple juice to give it extra sweetness. Sub your maple syrup for the honey and half the Worcestershire. Just my opinion.

        2. Use tomato puree or tomato paste and water instead of ketchup... you can always add a bit more sugar if it's not sweet enough.