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Jan 24, 2014 10:58 AM

Loie Fuller review - Providence

I’ve been to Loie Fuller’s a handful of times since they opened a few years back. Had read some things over the last couple years which weren’t always great, so hadn’t been back in a bit. But with the bitterly cold weather, thoughts of their fireplace and warm atmosphere came to mind, so I gave it another shot last night. And I’m very glad I did. Sat at the bar with my wife for dinner. They had Founder’s Breakfast Stout on tap, which is the perfect winter beer. I had plans to get something more exotic, but couldn’t help myself and got the meatloaf dinner. Comfort food, anyone? It was very good, came with mashed potatoes of course and spinach, which was a nice bitter contrast to the otherwise rich dish. My wife on the other hand got a phenomenal entree, which I would go back for in a minute. Cod with a tomato and potato ragout. The cod had a perfect sear but was still moist on the inside. The ragout was outstanding. Perfectly balanced, not too salty or rich. Best fish dish I’ve tasted in a while. We started the meal with two simple salads – croutons and horseradish dressing, for a mere $5 each. The greens were as fresh as could be, the dressing good but could have used a bit more horseradish (then again I really like horseradish), and the croutons were very tasty. I will be putting Loie Fuller’s back on my rotation for sure.

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      1. Thanks for the review! We haven't been to Loie Fuller in a while--it had just begun to feel a little repetitive and tired--but I think we should give it another shot. It sounds like a great remedy for a cold winter's night!

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          I returned their in the Fall after being away from the restaurant for about two years or so. My first time back, it was great - the second time was fine as well. In late November it became more 'hit or miss' the few times I went, and in December and January it weighed more on the 'miss' (my friend had said the same thing). Were we bored with it? Did we go too often (about 2 -3 times each month)? Hard to say, but we gave it a rest once again.