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Jan 24, 2014 09:02 AM

Rabbit in Tampa Bay

Does anyone know of a place to buy some rabbit? I want to make a stew. I used to get it at George's Meat Market, but they are long out of business. Thanks!

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  1. Full Circle Farm usually has dressed rabbits for $15 each. The contact e-mail is . Sorry, I don't have their street address 'cause I'm in Tallahassee (yes, a local person acts as a product courier every week or so).

    I hope they have one in stock for you!

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      Publix has frozen for $3.99 per lb. while my local store has whole frozen rabbit for $2.99 per lb. Provenance unknown.


      This a CSA is located at:
      16362 Wilson Blvd
      Masaryktown, FL 34604-7335

      I've always had good luck with the rabbits purchased.
      You have to call ahead to make sure they have them

      Publix carries rabbit on and off, Prod of USA
      Most other places carry Chinese rabbit

      1. Pretty sure I've seen rabbit at Cacciatore Bros. on Hanley Road.

        1. I'll have to take a harder look at Publix and also consider heading out to Masaryktown to pick up some fresh.

          Thanks for the answers!

          1. I think I saw signage at the Airport Variety Store (across from St. Pete Airport on Roosevelt. They can source goat too. Give them a call since they don't seem to keep it in stock all the time.