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Jan 24, 2014 09:00 AM

Looking for Japanese Omakase recommendation for this weekend...

I've only been to one and that was for my bday many years ago @ Cafe Michi for $55. Can anyone list some recommendations? Planning to bring my gf to one for her bday/first time. I would consider different price points too, $50,$90 is the budget. She's more of an AYCE lover so not sure she would appreciate the quality/rarity of certain fishes lol///

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  1. haven't been to either (unfortunately) but i've read on this board that zen and aoyama in scarborough are good.



    1. Sushi Couture has a great omakase options that'd fit your budget.
      SC has a very approachable way to their food, super fresh proteins, and a very easy going atmosphere. Given your gf is more used to the AYCE scene, this could be a good omakase alternative.

      1. What neighbourhood are you thinking of?

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          Not sure yet, I can drive so not really an issue. Prob won't go to Kaji though. We're more interested in sashimi than cooked food. We've been to SC and Aoyama before, want to try a new place. Zen sounds good but not open on Sundays...

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            Even with air freight and high tech refrigeration, Personally, I would avoid Sunday and Monday for Sashimi.

            With Kaji's Omakase exceeding your budget. SC, Michi and Aoyama you have been. Zen closed on a Sunday.

            My choice for Sashimi would be 'Inatei' in Richmond Hill.

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              Mikado on Laird is Japanese own and acceptable. [Place a bit run down but fish / seafood is good.

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                  Re-open after renovation? Or Chef retired?! Pity!

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              If you truly want top notch omakase sushi for your gf, change the night to anything but Sunday. It's worth the hassle

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              Good choice!!! Remember to reserve seats at the sushi bar!!

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                How much is it now?? No prices on menu. Says $45 for chef selection (sushi/sashimi) but not sure if that's the same as omakase.

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                There are two distinct omakase experiences at Zen, both with impeccable quality. For romance, you can reserve a booth that's directly across from the chef, observe from a distance, and receive a chef's plate. For dinner and a show, you can sit a the sushi bar and be served as it's cut. Less romantic to me, but YMMV.

              3. I was looking on tripadvisor and came across this restaurant "House of Moments", ranked #11 in the city. The website makes it look gimmicky but they do offer omakase at $75. There hasn't been much talk about this place on CH but perhaps there is something about this place that has propelled it to such a high ranking?

                Located near Carlaw/Gerrard

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                  The most I can say is a best friend went and enjoyed it. I've not been to House of Moments.

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                    First thing I will point out is that House of Moments is more of a Japanese fusion restaurant than a Japanese restaurant and the chef is Korean, if the original poster was in part put off the Kaji omakase because of the amount of cooked food the same applies here.

                    House of Moments is one of those restaurants that doesn't seem to creep onto the normal foodie radar in the city [i.e. Toronto Life, The Grid, the food bloggers and chowhound] (Tripadvisor's list seems to be totally disconnected from this system, for the longest time Jacques Bistro du Parc was the #1 restaurant in the city according to them) but I've been told more than once by people we've met at communal dinners and the like, in response to the standard "what are your favourite restaurants in the city?" that House of Moments is their favourite restaurant in the city some people just rave about it. Like Googs I've never actually tried it through.

                    1. re: bytepusher

                      thanks for the input! hopefully I'll have a chance to try it out.

                      1. re: nogoro

                        I was in town and had a chance to take my wife along to give it a try last night. With the exception of a large birthday party, there were only a handful of customers all night. Gerrard/Carlaw is like an industrial area and street parking was free after 4pm, lol. The d├ęcor was very unique as would be expected, and I liked how the chairs had wheels.

                        The omakase was $75, and included the following:
                        spring roll + takowasabi
                        mango fennel salad
                        ramen miso seafood soup
                        sashimi/sushi platter
                        choice of main (beef tenderloin/misoyaki sea bass/salmon) we did not select the salmon.
                        fried green tea ice cream.

                        The service was average, the server didn't seem knowledgeable about the food or whether omakase was available (?) But we thought the food was very good, and had trouble deciding whether the beef or the sea bass was better. Very fresh vegetables, and the beef sushi with spicy mayo was tasty and unique. Of the sashimi, we especially liked the white tataki ones (tuna? butter fish?) When we left, the head chef came up to thank us and ask for feedback. I believe all the kitchen staff is Korean but this place is worth at least a try. Unfortunately they are doing winterlicious so things may be a bit different the next couple weeks.

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                        I've never even heard of House of Moments yet it's only 5 minutes from my house. After looking at the website, it appears to be a place that would be at home on Queen West. I wouldn't expect authentic Japanese food there with items like "Malaba (sic) Curry Sushi" and "Mumbai Magic" on the menu. You can have a look at the menu here: http://houseofmoments.com/

                        I think there is a good reason many have never heard of this place.

                        1. re: foodyDudey

                          It doesn't claim to be a Japanese restaurant (they call themselves a fusion restaurant) so knocking them for not having authentic Japanese food is pretty weak.

                          We can all agree thought that it's not a good recommendation for someone who is specifically looking for authentic Japanese.

                          Yes they seem to be on the radar yet everyone I've ever talked to who has been just raves about it, we need to consider the possibility that we don't know everything.