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Jan 24, 2014 08:08 AM

Chinese Food Delivery in Financial District?

Next Friday, 1/31 is Chinese New Year. I've decided to try and do a staff meeting and I'd like to order in Chinese food as a nice surprise for everyone. I'm not familiar with very many places here, we're on Broad Street. There is one restaurant up the block from me which is good enough (some things they do really well, others are average), but, not quite what I'm hoping to find which is one which specializes in dim sum and appetizers. If anyone has any ideas, throw them my way! Thank you!

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  1. For how many people? If it's a big enough dim sum order you might be able to convince some places to go out of their normal delivery zone.

    Maybe Nom Wah or Dim Sum Go Go.

    Would you also consider hopping in a cab, grabbing the order, and coming back?

    I plugged in a random Broad St address into and I see that Red Egg will deliver to you.

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      Second Kathryn's suggestion about picking up the food in nearby Chinatown.

      The last time I ordered Chinese delivery I said never again . . .again.

    2. I doubt if DSGG or Nom Wah deliver there. But why don't you send someone in a taxi to Hop Shing and call in advance so they can keep the cab meter running and there you go. Good dim sum, and very fresh, and quick.