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Jan 24, 2014 05:57 AM

Affordable Center City Thurs Night rehearsal Dinner Venue? BYOB a plus

Having a wedding at the Westin in June, and need to find a rehearsal dinner location for a Third night that's convenient to that location. Was interested in DiBruno Bros but they want $50/head and up just for a pretty simple 2-hr buffet dinner pkg, plus room rental, and BYOB. Will be a group about 30-50. We will have alcohol but don't mind providing for BYOB. I figure since its a Thursday night there must be some good options. Any suggestions appreciated! Would like to keep it to $30-35/ pp without alcohol or $50 with open bar,etc. incl tax + gratuity.

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  1. You might want to look into Branzino which is a BYO and in the area.

    1. Don't know if Vietnamese food would work at all for your guests, but Vietnam Palace has some nice banquet menu options, from $30-70 a head based on number of courses, extent of open bar offered, etc.

      (I haven't been to a banquet function there but I really like their food and service in general....)

      1. I've seen private parties at Mercado, but I don't know what they'd want for that.

        1. People ask about this often - and my wife asked a few places for us a few years ago - but the economics don't really work for nice BYOB restuarants.

          You're talking about a 2 hr meal but that really means 4 hours to the restaurant when you include set-up and clean-up - or the entire night. So, you'd like to reserve an entire BYOB on a busy night (Thursday is a busy night) in exchange for maybe $1500 all the while upsetting servers who would lose a big chunk of their weekly pay.

          The problem is the same restaurant could probably seat twice as many people at $40-50/head on the same night - at least $3000 and a content waitstaff. It's a bad deal for the business in nearly all cases.

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            We've been able to get places like Blackfish or Bibou on a Monday, when they are normally closed. But that probably doesn't work for your wedding.