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49th parallel or phil and sebastian


Is there any place in town that sells 49th parallel or phil and sebastian coffee beans?


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  1. 49th - I think Soma Chocolate carries them.

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    1. re: jlunar

      They do. But the last time I checked, the roast dates were at least 4 weeks old. So I passed. I prefer 49th parallel myself over P&S, and used to buy them regularly at Myriade in Montreal. I can't seem to find them in Toronto.
      I've been buying Black Cat at Manic, but still keep an eye out for 49th parallel. If anyone knows of a shop that regularly stocks them, please share!

      1. re: foodie_mtl

        I've been eyeing the Intelligentsia wall at Manic. How much do they charge for black cat?

        1. re: frogsteak

          They have different size bags, and therefore, pricing varies. I recall paying 19.50 for a lb for the black cat analog, which is reasonable. I recall paying 18 USD in Chicago for it, so the markup is fair.
          I used to get 49th Parallel Epic espresso for 16$/lb back in MTL, which I found excellent value for the quality. Unfortunately, I have yet to find anything similar in Toronto.

          1. re: foodie_mtl

            These are high prices considering the wholesale cost of single estate green beans, around $5/lb.

            1. re: jayt90

              the problem is that no one in the gta knows how to roast coffee beans

              1. re: frogsteak

                I can't imagine that you have sampled many GTA roasters if you arrived here late last year.

                1. re: jayt90

                  i've tried pilot, detour, ideal coffee, pig iron, social, dark city and some others that I cannot remember. 49th parallel is by far the best roaster in Canada and I would love to find a local source. I am surprised that it is not so common here.

                  1. re: frogsteak

                    49th will ship, $16 to $20 /lb, plus $16 expedited post, or $21 next day. Not very practical, unless several packages are combined.
                    There must be a coffee roaster as nerdy as they are in GTA.
                    I live out of town and roast from green.

    2. Not sure what pricing is like but I know Krepesz in Kensington Market and the Grind near Yonge/Bloor station use 49th Parallel.

      I have no idea if Crema is still using 49th or not but you could call them and ask.

      1. Crema usually has 49th parallel available and they currently have the espresso in stock at Olya on Parliament.

        Olya's pastries are also insanely good.

        1. Last time I checked no one was carrying 49th Parallel in TO. I even called their office in BC and they confirmed that (couple of months ago so might have changed since then) the lady on the phone recommended that I order online as that was the only way to get it locally unless some buys it in BC and brings it over for you.

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          1. re: elvisahmed

            it's sold all over montreal in coffee shops and even at the jean talon market in bulk. there's no reason to think that it wouldnt be available some place in toronto. i'll try crema tomorrow. thank you...maybe i should drop out of my phd program and open a coffee shop.

            1. re: frogsteak

              Huh I called the 49th Parallel office to find out who sold it locally as I had purchased it before locally they said its not carried by anyone in Toronto. But if you do find it please do share it as I would like to buy some as well.

              1. re: frogsteak

                Frogsteak, I went through the same experience as you when I moved to Toronto from Montreal over the summer. Reading your posts is like a deja vu. The number of times I googled 49th parallel in Toronto, and searched this board. Like I said, I did see it at Soma and I also saw a few bags Maybe 49th is just not popular here. Or maybe we should just find an alternative (Black Cat works for me).
                Luckily I go back to MTL on a monthly basis, and hit up Myriade every time. I personally did not enjoy Pilot, or Hale. But haven't tried others you mentioned. So if you're desperate for 49th, let me know, and I'll be more than happy to buy an extra bag or two on my next trip.

                1. re: foodie_mtl

                  thank you :)

                  heading home next week. gonna stock up on cheval blanc and epic espresso

                    1. re: elvisahmed

                      ya for $13.99 for 6

                      $8.99 for an 8 pack in montreal

              2. re: elvisahmed

                IQ Foods on Wellington at Bay serves 49th Parallel. Not sure if they would sell you the beans but it is possible. Agree they are fantastic.

                1. re: elvisahmed

                  After about the first 3 lbs it's only about $3 lb extra to have it shipped by 49th Parallel. For example, 5 lbs costs $14.61 Canada Post Expedited (5 business days) from Vancouver. I don't know how long people would expect the beans to be good for but maybe some of you could get together and split a batch. Or, maybe, if you drink about a lb a week in your family it's good for 5 weeks?

                  I have a Behmor 1600 home drum roaster and roast my own beans as required but am tempted to buy some of the 49th Parallel to compare my roasts with theirs. Of course one cannot get the same roast with a home roaster but I wonder how close. I think jayt90 is a bit light on his estimate of single estate green beans being about $5/lb as I paid about $7/lb all in delivered to my door for 20 lbs of 100% Bourbon Natural Process Cachoeoira Da Grama Microlot green beans from Brazil that I bought last summer from the greencoffeebuyingclub.com. Also, I notice at the greenbeanery.ca that you are not getting great quality green beans for $5/lb.

                  1. re: Flexitarian

                    Good observation, flex. I stopped buying from www.greencoffeebuyingclub.com when they put shipping up from U.S. to Canada, 15 lb, $43. SweetMaria has a similar charge.
                    gcbc has a Canadian distributor, www.anubiscoffeecompany.com with a few good beans, another in Quebec, Simica.

                    1. re: jayt90

                      Actually I got my beans through Smica @ gcbc and so they were shipped from Canada. I only get them from gcbc in the US when I happen to go to my depot in Niagara Falls, NY so I can pick them up and clear them myself.

                      Thanks for the anubis info. I did not know about them.

                      1. re: Flexitarian

                        anubis is a one person operation in Kitchener. I got some very good Santos from him. Good service, and he is getting busy.

                        1. re: jayt90

                          I notice he does not give any discounts for buying more than 1 pound of green beans

                          1. re: Flexitarian

                            Price may be negotiable. My order of 15 lb Santos was $80 postpaid. It's gone now.
                            If I see something I like, I'll ask for a postpaid price with bulk discount by email.

                            1. re: jayt90

                              What do you use to roast them (I expect the mods to delete this post as it's going off topic, lol)

                              1. re: Flexitarian

                                I am using a cafe rosto, nearing its end after 6-7years. I'll get a Behmor, but I hear it doesn't have a lot of options. Maybe look for a used device.

                                1. re: jayt90

                                  Has enough for me: 3 roasting weights, 4 programs, 5 Roasting profiles and ability to adjust time increments. I got it for $275 and that included 8lbs of green beans.

                2. Is it the beans or roasting prodile that makes 49th so good?

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                  1. re: Flexitarian

                    Have you been able to compare 49th to your best green bean sources, Flex?

                  2. Frog, which store sells 49 th at Jean Talon Market in bulk? I'm there every week and never noticed, ailments bracing maybe? I usually get mine at one of the many coffee shops that carries 49th across the city but it would be more convenient for me to just pick it up at JTM. I'm really surprised its not sold in Toronto. How's 23 degree coffee? I've noticed bags here in mtl and it's roasted in Toronto.

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                    1. re: JerkPork

                      I believe it was at the organic store by the chocolate shop. It wasn't bulk per se but the large format 49th parallel bags.

                      by the way, I was walking by Krepesz in Kensington yesterday. They had a sign claiming to sell 49th parallel. They even had a few bags of epic espresso on their shelf - but when I asked, I was told they don't actually serve 49th parallel and the bags on the shelf were for decoration. what a load of bull - blatant false advertising.

                    2. If anyone is still looking I just picked up some 49th parallel old school espresso at Dark Horse on Spadina (roasted within the last week or so). They have a decent selection of 49th parallel beans - not just the espresso.

                      1. Boxcar Social carries bags of both, depending on when you're in the store.

                        1. Saw the 49th Parallel beans at SOMA Choc on King West. 16.50$/lb.
                          Will pick it up when I run out of my current coffee beans

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                          1. re: elvisahmed

                            sweet that's actually a decent deal. was it for epic espresso or what?

                            1. re: frogsteak

                              No it was old school espresso (decaf version as well)