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Jan 24, 2014 04:30 AM

The Jew's House Restaurant (Lincoln)

Despite an unusual name and 12th century exterior, The Jew's House in Lincoln contains a very modern decor and menu. The chef, Gavin Aitkenhead, has worked in Michelin star kitchens, and that experience shines in all the dishes. I think it must be the best restaurant in Lincoln.

We were very happy with our menu choices, and I think what stood out to me was how every element of a dish worked together with the others. I had the scallop starter... the perfectly cooked scallops on a bed of celeriac and apple remoulade with honey and almonds. Mr. Zuriga chose the butternut squash soup which was on a smoked bacon souffle with red onion marmalade.

I've had enough meat for awhile, so my main was a roast vegetable tagine with fregola... it blended beautifully with yogurt and a tomato jam. The Mr. dined on partridge (he said it was perfect) with sprouts and potatoes.

We shared a chocolate and praline mousse cake - layers I had never seen before. It was accompanied by Amarula ice cream, a first taste sensation for us, and it was yummy.

I hope our path leads us back to Lincoln again!

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  1. I have lived in Lincoln nearly all my life and never once visited the Jew's House Restaurant, perhaps I will have to do so - I was always under the impression their vegetarian choices were lacking but the tagine sounds lovely - and the fella loves Amarula so the ice cream could tempt!

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      Give it a try. The dining area had a romantic feel to it, and I rarely go with the vegetarian option, but the tagine was tasty, although I think it could have done with a few more vegetables in it.

      Where are your favourite places to eat in Lincoln. We just sort of took a stab in the dark. The Old Bakery sounded OK, too.

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        Although it might not seem like the place for it from the outside or the name, I rated the tapas at the Cloud Bar in the Bailgate - the combinations of vegetables and cheese on the various dishes selected were delicious. According to my parents, the Bowl Full on West Parade is a tapas serving gem sandwiched in a residential and student area.

        For Indian food, Mach is unsurpassed though its not in the historic or commercial centre. The Electric Bar & Grill at the top of the Hilton does wonderful food very much of the 'high' restaurant type but for such a location I didn't really think much to atmosphere there to drag me back!

        I've never tried the Old Bakery but heard great things. As an Lincoln institution Brown's Pie Shop gets a generally good write up though I've never been.

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          Thanks for the tips! I was amazed how many tea rooms are on Steep Hill. Forgot to mention that we had a very nice lunch at The Collection's cafe. It's a beautiful building.