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Jan 23, 2014 07:33 PM

Best Lunch Options in DUMBO/Brooklyn Heights?

Looking for a nice weekday lunch option in the above neighborhoods for sometime next week... Think around the budget/atmosphere of Colonie or Vinegar Hill House. It's really a neighborhood I'm unfamiliar with during the day, so any help appreciated.

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  1. There are not a lot weekday lunch options on par with Colonie or Vinegar Hilll House. There is rebar and Superfine which are ok. I prefer rebar. Juliana's for pizza would be a good choice.

    Up in Brooklyn Heights, I think you run into the same problem. Better places are not open for lunch and those that are cater to the Court St lawyer/city worker crowd. I would skip BH and head further south into Cobble Hill. Hibino for Japanese, Van Horn for nice sandwiches, maybe Atlantic Ave for Middle eastern.

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      Juliana's might actually be perfect. Thanks! Will report back with where we end up.

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        So happy Patsy reopened in this space! If anything the pies are better than ever (note, the crusts are fairly thin) . We had an excellent white pie with very good sausage and broccoli raab on it in a recent visit. And the menu now includes a few other items, including some good salads, a soup and some desserts. Its a mellow place and a great lunch option.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Can you tell me about how big the pizzas are, compared to say, John's or Motorino? The prices seem steep if they're just a single-person pie.

          Big fan of a thin crust and I'll be in the area with a few out-of-towners, so I feel like it's a good spot for them, given the history.

          1. re: loratliff

            they are not single person pies three of us shared a large one (admittedly we held back i think to 2 pieces each, had a salad also, good and took a couple pieces home. The quality of the toppings was very good. I think when my whole family used to go, the 5 of us would have 2 pies. They are placed on stands in the center of the table, sliced,
            No Frank Sinatra pix anymore, however.

    2. As Bkeats points out, you'll have trouble finding anything on par with Colonie and Vinegar Hill House open for lunch in either Brooklyn Heights or DUMBO. If Italian would work, consider Sociale on Henry St in the Heights. We've only been for dinner, but it's a very solid option (and on Opentable).

      1. I don't really know the area at all and never been to Colonie or Vinegar House... but had to be at Brooklyn Heights last Monday and had a great lunch at Chez Moi. The menu is not creative and is pretty much the bistro classics, but the food was very good and the atmosphere really present. I would easily go back, but I am never in the area.. I had the smoked salmon club and my husband the croque madame. Both dishes were very good.

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          I thought about Chez Moi but didn't mention it due to a prior thread that requested the same thing. OP went to CM and hated it. I've never been for lunch there so can't speak to that.

          Here's the thread

          1. re: Bkeats

            Well, too bad she had a bad experience. I only went once so can't say if I was lucky or she was unlucky :) But my experience was pretty good, both food and service were excellent.

            1. re: Toot

              I've been to Chez Moi a dozen or so times since they opened and never had anything other than a "very good" meal. Nothing has ever blown us away, but we think it's quite good and the best bistro food in the neighborhood.

              That said, as Bkeats recommended, Hibino is our favorite place in the neighborhood and go there once a week. Excellent quality everything.

              1. re: fishermb

                Thanks, we're eating at Sushi Nakazawa that night so no sushi lunch, but Hibino does look great and I'm saving it for the future!