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Caterer for 40th birthday party?

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With my 40th birthday approaching, I would like to have catered appetizers/desserts at my home to celebrate. I am open to kinds of food and am located in Maple Grove. There will probably be about 20 people helping me celebrate.
Can anyone make some recommendations?

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  1. http://solobybonicelli.com/

    She caters also, any size event. Her food is fantastic.

    1. Had a successful catering from Salsa a La Salsa for a birthday party at our house. Lorenzo brought the food and set up a pupusa bar, which was a big hit.


        1. I had great results from Ace Catering (part of D'Amico) for a b-day.

          1. maybe a personal chef?
            there is a board out there i think called thumbtack that a friend of mine found a great person who came to the house

            1. www.royalcatering.com does a fantastic job!
              Chow girls also does an amazing job, I had them cater my wedding.
              Another good place to look may be any community education locations as some of their culinary classes have teachers that provide this service at a much lower cost.

              1. Chowgirls did not do well at our wedding. Lots of promises -- kind of a mess.