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Jan 23, 2014 05:46 PM

looking for good and festive in Flushing Chinatown

we will be a group of 6 or so-- looking for a place in flushing with great food and a festive atmosphere--

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  1. Not far from the LIRR or Roosevelt/Main St. intersection you will find plenty...

    Canton Gourmet

    Fu Run

    Guandong Yijia

    Henan Fengwei

    Imperial Palace

    Nan Xiang

    Old Chengdu

    Red Chopsticks



    Spicy & Tasty

    Traditional Hunan

    Further afield:

    Fragrant Shandong Garden

    Golden Palace

    Hunan House

    Jiang Li

    Lake Pavilion

    Lao Dong Bei

    Main Street Imperial

    North Dumpling House

    Prince Noodle House

    Yi Lan Halal Chinese

    Golden Mall

    New World Mall Food Court

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      Great list, going to add Mulan. They do festive decorations during the holidays and the ambiance is beautiful.