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Jan 23, 2014 04:20 PM

Coffee board?

Coffee is a massive product, worldwide.
I am surprised we don't have a dedicated discussion board about this. I mean, we have one about cheese?
Please consider, CH mods!

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  1. Maybe not 'just' coffee but, I have read requests for a Beverage board from time to time. This would include coffee, tea, specialty beverages, waters, but NOT wine, beer or spirits. Right now most of the beverage discussions appear on the General Topics board unless the question is specific to a particular area (best latte in LA). Wine, Beer and Spirits all have their own boards already. And, the Cheese board is fairly new actually. I no longer remember how or why Cheese was added to the Topical boards list but by doing so cheese-related discussions are much easier to find and join.

    So, I agree that a Beverage board would allow for greater discussion and make these specific topics easier to find.
    Right now, the Search engine would give you an exhaustive list of coffee related topics all jumbled btwn many topical and regional boards.

    Beverage board: coffee, tea, sodas, waters, new products in the beverage category. Not to mention all the products related to brewing, storing, mixing and using these drinks freeing up the Cookware board for cooking related products entirely.

    1. We have talked a bit about possibly creating a coffee (or coffee and tea, perhaps) board for all the coffee geeks out there. It's not something we think is a pressing need based on the current volume of conversation about those subjects, but it's not something we've ruled out, either.

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      1. re: Jacquilynne

        I get that. But I think that if you are going to make forums for such marginalized areas such as Kosher and BBQ, then coffee and yes, teas etc is definitely needed.

        Outside the USA, who really reads the kosher board, and who really understands it? It's like having a vegetarian menu in a steakhouse.

        1. re: cronker

          Except the wine, beer, special diets, cheese, bbq, veg and kosher boards serve a purpose for CH's who do use them. And the more general boards are stuffed to capacity with topics that at this point truly warrant their own filing cabinet.

          1. re: HillJ

            I agree, but sorry I cannot see your reasoning against my argument.
            If i wish to discuss Jamaican High Altitude beans against those of Java or those shitted out of mammals arses, is this not a specialised purpose area?
            And don't get me started on latte art!

            Just sayin

            1. re: cronker

              No argument from me to sway the opinion you are absolutely entitled to; just offering some of my own thoughts on the subject. Other, newer boards where Ch's have asked the same question resulted (in some cases) in new boards being formed.

              And fwiw, every time I offer a differing opinion or perspective on CH, I can count on a fellow 'hound stating:

              If this doesn't work for you, you don't need to use it.

              But you do realize I agree a Coffee/Tea board would be a good thing right? I haven't said it's a bad idea. My support comes to you by pointing out all the other boards already formed for specific topics.

              1. re: cronker

                So all I'm sayin is that yes new specific threads are a worthwhile idea because the more that gets stuck under general categories the harder it becomes to find the OPs/threads.

                1. re: HillJ

                  And I appreciate your support.
                  Sometimes (actually a lot of the time!) the idea behind a post gets lost in the translation.

                  I don't post a lot under the general threads because this site is very US based. But, unfortunately, they have let us aliens in.

                  1. re: cronker

                    Consider me a very friendly welcome sign!