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Jan 23, 2014 04:18 PM

May I know where I can get Aussie Style meat pie in Vancouver ??

Any idea ?

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    1. re: islandgirl

      Pie is a pretty reasonable representation of the pies I've had in Sydney or Melbourne. But really, the best meat pie (aussie style) I've had was in Ulladulla, NSW.
      Also, PieFace is not real pie ;P

      1. Yup, Aussie Pie Guy. I've never had the real thing, but APG's pies taste good to me. They have a few different kinds to suit your taste too.

        They're at the art gallery downtown this weekend as part of "Street Food City" ( until Sunday, so there's no excuse not the try them!

        Only downside is the price...but they do use higher-quality ingredients than most Australian or British meat pies, I reckon... :P

          1. There is a place in Whistler if you're super keen on them called Peak Pies, though I hear if you eat too many Aussie pies your daughters turn out to be 'easy' (caveat emptor).