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Jan 23, 2014 03:40 PM

Keurig and freshly ground coffee

I have been buying a variety if k-cups for my Keurig, since I got the machine about 4 years ago.
I have decided to try buying fresh coffee beans, and then having them ground at the store.
What grind(is that what it is called?) should I request for use in the Keuring. Should it be fine or coarse, or womething else?
Also, I do have a Capresso grinder which I use mainly for flax seeds, but I could actually use that. The Capresso is basically one grind (I think) so I'm not sure it will be the right "fine-ness" for the Keuring.
Thanks for any help/info.

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  1. Just tell whomever is grinding that it's for a Keurig . Theyll know.

    1. If you haven't used a Keurig K-cup adapter before, don't pack the grounds into it. Sprinkle in the grounds loosely until the adapter is almost full, leaving 1/8 inch gap at the top. If the grounds are packed in the adapter, hot water won't flow properly through the grounds and may squirt out of the side of the adapter.

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      1. re: Antilope

        Thanks so much for the helpful suggestion. Will do!!
        I gather that you have used non-K-cups in a Keurig. Should I have the beans ground finely so they are looser, or do you think coarse would be better?

        1. re: bxgirl

          I just use drip grind size, the screen is so fine on the adapter, it really doesn't matter.

          There are two types of Keurig add-your-own-coffee-grounds, tea leaves, cocoa, other drink powders, etc type-refillable/reusable adapters:

          One type that acts like a regular Keurig pod - Nothing on the coffee machine needs to be modified. You just drop the adapter in the machine like a regular k-cup.

          EKOBREW is one of those add your own grounds, tea leaves or drink powders type refillable pods. SOLOFILL is another similar brand. There are others. You just fill it, close the lid and drop it in like a regular coffee K-cup. Don't pack the grounds. After you are done, rinse and let dry for re-use.

          EKOBREW adapter to add your own mixes to Keurig

          SOLOFILL adapter to add your own mixes to Keurig

          SOLOFILL adapter to add your own mixes to Keurig

          The second type of adapter is the Regular Keurig Adapter (KEURIG MY CUP) that needs to have some of the Keurig brewer parts removed in order to insert this adapter. You have to snap out the regular K-Cup holder ring from the machine and insert this adapter.

          KEURIG MY CUP adapter to add your own mixes to Keurig

        2. re: Antilope

          You can further avoid this by putting saran wrap over the top of the adapter .... It keeps the grounds out.

        3. Also, you should not use a grinder that has been used for herbs or anything else.

          1. Antilope,
            You are incredible!!
            Thank you so much for all the info and hints. This is so helpful. Do you recommend the Ekobrew, Solofill, or the Keuring My Cup (which came with the brewer)?
            If the one that comes with the machine is not too hard to put in, of course I would prefer to use it and not buy another gadget that does the same job.
            I thought the same thing. I was a bit reluctant to use the grinder that I have. However, I have only used it for flax seed, so it isn't smelly so I thought I could use it for coffee beans, as well.

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            1. re: bxgirl

              The Keurig My Cup requires that you snap out the current k-cup holder in order to use the adapter. I have used it, but don't really like it. It works, but if you want to use a regular K-cup, you have to snap the K-cup holder back in place. Then you have to remove it again to use the adapter. Try it a few times and see what you think.

              This YouTube vide shows how to use a Keurig My Cup adapter:

              The Ekobrew, Solofill are the easiest to use. Just add coffee grounds and use like a regular K-cup. They are very similar, so get which ever is cheapest, if you decide to get one. I use a Solofill all the time.

              Keurig K-Cup vs Reuseable K Cup Filters (Ekobrew, Solofill Cup, Keurig My Cup, etc).

              1. re: Antilope

                Got it!! I will go to Bed and Bath tomorrow and see if they have either the Solofill or the Ekobrew.
                BTW... This whole "mission" started because we had Trader Joe's Columbian coffee at a friend's house this weekend, and loved it.Our friends used a French Press, but I figure I can try the coffee in the Keurig (and then maybe ditch the Keurig and get a French press!!)
                Again, thank you so very much, Antilope for your truly helfpul responses, and for your patience.

                1. re: bxgirl

                  You might also want to look at the Cafe Cups at BB&B. I use them all of the time and they work well for me. Four cups and a scoop for $10 (or just under). Use a coupon and get them for $8.

                  1. re: Leepa

                    We have some of the Cafe Cups, also, and they work fine. Very similar to an Ekcobrew or Solofill. They all seem to copy each other. Main thing, don't pay too much for any of them. Shop around.

                    Café Cup™ Reusable Single Cup Pod

                    1. re: Leepa

                      Thanks, Leepa.
                      Do these just fit into the Keurig, like the Solofill and Ekobrew? Is the advantage that you have 4 cups, rather than just one?
                      I will certainly look into these tomorrow.

                      1. re: bxgirl

                        Yes, they do. Plus they have the scoop that when evened off gives you the exact amount you need for the cup. I use mine all of the time.

              2. Just wanted to UPDATE my post.
                Thank you, Antilope and Leepa, for your advice.
                I did go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (with my 20%off coupon!!) and bought the Cafe Cup refills.
                This morning I used the refill cup with my freshly-ground TJ's Columbia Blend and it was fine. The refill cup is really easy-peasy to use and to clean, and now I can expand my coffee choices, and not be so dependent on K-cups.
                Thanks, again.

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                1. re: bxgirl

                  Terrific! I have found that if I leave the Cafe Cup open on the counter a few hours that the dried coffee grounds shake right out and it's much easier to clean.

                  I've never tried the TJ's coffees. I'll go by there tomorrow and pick one up.

                  1. re: Leepa

                    I just rinse the grounds into the garbage disposal. It's so little (1 or 2 Tbsp) they go right down the drain without running the disposal.

                    1. re: Antilope

                      That would be lovely if I had one.

                      I live in a house that is circa 1920. I try not to put things like that down the drain. Sewer line problems aren't fun.

                      1. re: Leepa

                        And I live in a NYC apartment, so a garbage disposal is as foreign a concept as is a 1920's house!!
                        Just to expand on the TJ's coffee... it is a bit weaker than I usually like, but it is fine. And the SMELL of the fresh grounds is heavenly!! I have not given-up on K-cups, but thought I'd try something new. Not that I will do it, but I bet I could return the TJ's coffee. I understand they take anything back that you don't like.

                        1. re: bxgirl

                          I was thinking of getting the French Roast upon a friends recommendation. Good to know the Columbian is a bit weak. Maybe I'll do some more research!