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Diner, Upper West Side

It doesnt have to be the finest food (although that would be nice), it just has to be a friendly place where half a dozen people can hang out for breakfast, sit for two hours and chat. There used to be the Shinning Star on the corner of 78th street (that ought to tell you how "discriminating" we are....lol) but that's gone; Lansky's like wise. 60's 70's 80's 90's 100's, all good. Your thoughts?

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    1. re: AubWah

      Seconded. Decent food, very helpful staff.

    2. Viand on Broadway and 75th.

      1. There's a Le Pain quotidien on 72nd that seems built for this purpose.

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        1. re: coasts

          Yes, and another one at 90th & Broadway.

            1. re: pbjluver

              Quite the list, thanks. Didnt think of that.

            2. Metro Diner, Broadway & 100th.

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              1. re: bronxer

                Thanks everybody. I'll investigate

              2. There is Old John's at 148 W 67 St, right around the corner from the Apple Store. Certainly nothing great but the eggs and corned beef hash are good, plus the people seem to be nice.