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Jan 23, 2014 02:48 PM

Uncle Jimmy's Pizzeria New in Sunnyside

Anybody tried their pizza pie?

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  1. The pie is the real deal

    1. We ordered from here tonight - new place in the old 99 cent Pizza Dealz space. The pizza and garlic knots came quickly. The pizza itself was ok - the toppings were pretty good (we got pepperoni on half and sausage on half) and reasonably generous, but the crust was very bland. It needs salt for sure, and a longer rise for flavor development, plus probably a higher oven temp to get a little char on the crust. The garlic knots were made of the same bland dough and had virtually no garlic/butter/flavoring of any kind. We also ordered a side of sauce, which was very good, but VERY small - about two tablespoons for $1.50.

      Anyway, at $20 for a large one topping ($16 for the plain pie plus $4 per topping), there are better options in the neighborhood (Sunnyside Pizza, despite its inconsistency, is far better and only $18 for a large pepperoni). Also, we ordered on Seamless, and the options are VERY limited - I think you could get pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, broccoli or tomato - that was it for toppings. All of these pizza places are a little out of control with their price per topping though - I get paying $4 for a meat or upscale topping, but I refuse to pay $4 for a few shreds of onion or mushroom. I'm not upset that we tried it but we won't be ordering it again.

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        I like Sunnyside Pizza but it is not a NY slice.

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          I agree, Sunnyside Pizza is a little different from a true NY slice. However, I would probably order from Lentini's, Donato's or Woodside Pizza (all of which I have liked in the past but have been inconsistent in the last few years) for a real NY pizza rather than Uncle Jimmy's in the future, simply due to the price. They may not be any better, but they're no worse and they're cheaper, with a better selection of toppings and more other options on the menu.

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            I am happy that Louie's in Elmhurst delivers to me

      2. Yeah, I've had Jimmy's. The first time I went in for a quick slice and found the only table indoors being occupied by the owner and friends of the owner. I wanted to sit and eat my slice but had to go outside where there was a table on the street. Didn't find that to be confidence building when it's a hangout for the teenage son and friends. They just copped an attitude.

        The pizza is pricier than anything in the neighborhood. And it's not really that great. The tomato sauce is too sweet, and as mentioned, the crust is bland and has no crispiness to it.