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Anchovies in glass jar

On my recent trip to a local gourmet market, I purchased a little glass jar of anchovies imported from Italy. What should I make with it? =)

Also prices seem to vary by company even though they were all from Italy. Any idea why?

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  1. I love those things, so much better than the ones in a can to my taste. Feature them in a caesar salad. Make a tapenade. Enjoy them on your favorite cracker with a dab of cream cheese. Make anchovy butter to go on broiled fish. Make the chicken anchovy salad in this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/851120 Sometimes I just eat a couple out of the jar, to tell you the truth...

    1. Caesar dressing.

      "Melt" them in olive oil as a base for a quick pasta sauce with slivered garlic, hot crushed peppers of your choice, and cherry tomatoes.

      Add to tonnato sauce.

      Chop 'em up and distribute on pizza or leave whole if you like the full salty anchovy punch in your mouf.

      1. Make a pissaladiere; or any old pizza is made better with a few anchovies :)

        Anchovy sandwiches are good, too.

        1. Sorry to hijack thread but do those jars need to be refrigerated after opened? I have one opened and in the cupboard so hope I am not breeding anything.

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            Yes for anchovies.

            I do not refridge my fish sauce.

            If anchovies are packed in oil, olive oil will congeel once cold, so you will need to pull them out to warm a bit to get the anchoives fished out--pardon the pun. Then just toss the jar back in the fridge.

            Even heavily salted, they are a protein and thus unless kept below 50F 24/7 and used at a brisk rate, I'd hate to risk a food illness.

            Ceasar salad sounds so yummy if it were not 5 degrees F out right now.

          2. Anchovies, or fish sauce, can be used to add some umami to marinara sauce. I haven't used the former for this but I did include fish sauce once. At first, I could taste it and not in a good way. But by the second day, the flavors had melded and the fish sauce was no longer discernible.

            I second the use of anchovies for a really fast pasta sauce: saute garlic/onion in olive oil, melt in an anchovy, add crushed red pepper seed, sun-dried tomato, parmesan, optional dab of tomato paste, optional cream, and stir hot pasta into it. If I have on hand leftover plain cooked pasta, and jarred onions (smothered though label calls it fried) or premade caramelized, dinner can be ready in 5 minutes.

            1. Pasta puttanesca! I don't use a recipe - it's usually a pantry scrounging affair, but this one looks close:

              Some type of fresh herb really goes well and a little lemon zest is nice too. You can add a can of tuna if you want a little more protein (but that isn't traditional).

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                I guess I will make this..will wait for the caesar salad for summer.

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                  I've seen some great grilled romaine versions of cesear salad (indoor grill pan), why wait til summer?

              2. I would do a search for anchovies. I use them A LOT. I love them. Aside from eating them out of the jar, my favorite ways to use them: salad dressings, bagna cauda, tomato sauce, pizza,

                1. Thick toast, smear with ripe avocado, squeeze of lemon, anchovies on top

                  1. Cook's says, "beef stew." Who knew? I say pizza. I know people use "pizza with anchovies" like it is some sort of horrible joke, but I freakin' love a slice of Neapolitan pizza with some anchovies on it. Nom-nom-nom!!

                    1. Halve red peppers, broil skin side up till blackened. Put in paper bag for 10 minutes. Remove the "skin". Lay peppers inside up flat on pan. Top with thin slice of manchego or any other sharp cheese and one anchovy each. Add a bit of the oil from the jar. Cook again till cheese melts. I've been making this for years, from an old recipe in Bon Appetit.

                      1. There are definitely different qualities of anchovies, the best are usually the big glass canning type jars which I will buy whenever I run across them. But always must be the glass jars. My two main uses are for aglio e olio sauce, which by tradition gets 8 anchovies added; and always must be a good quantity on the family antipasta platter, so I go through them fast enough.

                        To answer the question below, I do keep them refrigerated after opening, not sure if you have to but sometimes it takes awhile to use it all so I'd rather be safe than sorry. If for antipasta then I pull it early so the oil goes back to liquid, but for cooking I just scrape some right out of the jar, cold.

                        1. Serious Eats did a taste test that might shed some light on the variation in prices: http://www.seriouseats.com/2013/10/ta... FWIW Merro is the brand I keep on hand.

                          For a different idea on how to use them, try mozzarella in carozza, mozzarella toasts in anchovy sauce.

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                            wow...thanks for the article...

                            I need to get a job like that...tasting different products and get paid for it.

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                              Thanks for the link, JM, interesting reading. Merro is what I have around too.

                            2. Fried rice

                              Add it to the pan/wok as you are initially heating the oil and allow the fishies to dissolve, then proceed as is.

                              1. You have a stash of gold. Use a little, maybe one fillet for two pounds of meat, in beef stew, osso buco, braised shanks, any savory saucy dish. You won't taste the anchovy but the dish will be more savory. Mash with a fork and add to the mirepoix/soffrito after it is cooked. Let it melt a little before you add the liquid.

                                1. Delia Smith recipe for roasted red peppers, garlic and anchovy.


                                  1. I use anchovies in my puttanesca sauce and the aglio a'olio...but you can also use in bagna cuda...a bread/veggie dip...salad dressings ie Caesar

                                    1. Make a pizza, Roasted Garlic instead of Tomato Sauce, Anchovies, Lemon Zest, Capers and Cheese. Squeeze a little lemon over top of it as soon as it comes out of the oven.