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Jan 23, 2014 01:26 PM

Trois Mec!!!

went last is fantastic.
a series of snacks to start.
my favorite was a fried sushi rice ball with cod roe cream inside.
good lord.
they just do one tasting menu....twice a night.
we had....
avocado, citrus, crab, buckwheat popcorn
grilled cabbage, smoke almond milk anglaise, miso flan, fennel pollen
potato pulp, brown butter bonito, onion soubise, salers (this was amazing!!!!!!)
duck, endive, duck skin puree, candied orange, sweet clover (least favorite was sliced very thin...which i thought made what's good about duck missing)
apple butter, creme de brie, toasted barley, hay (i don't usually like desserts....and i loved this!)

it was truly one of the best meals i've ever had. there is a wine pairing...and a premiun wine pairing. we did the premium. it was terrific.
they're really nice, too. no attitude. everyone screams "bonsoir" when you walk in.
great buzz in the room.
can't wait to go back.
i told them they should give you the opportunity to buy a "pass" for more than one meal.
they said they've considered that, but were concerned there would be repetition of meals.
i told them when the food is that good, noone would care.

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  1. forgot that we added a dish. the nantucket bay scallops, tandoori, sesame, cauliflower. excellent!

    1. I also dined last night at Trois Mec, so my menu was the same as yours above, Perk. Although we did elect for the standard wine pairing, not the premium wine pairing. I also had the scallops (optional, $15 supplement), which was composed of Nantucket bay scallops, tandoori, sesame and a cauliflower puree.

      Although I was greatly looking forward to this dinner, I’m unhappy to report that I was disappointed. I suppose I did have high expectations considering all of the praise that Trois Mec has received recently. As others have commented on Chowhound, the atmosphere and concept of the restaurant are fantastic. We sat at the bar and had the privilege of watching Ludo and his team working throughout the night. Staff were friendly and attentive, parking was easy in the private lot. I didn’t have a problem with the ticket situation either, although it was moderately challenging to secure a table for 2 on a Thursday.

      Unfortunately, the food was not on par with the price. With the two tickets, supplemental scallop dish, and the basic wine pairing, this meal cost about $360 and just was not worth it. While each dish was well thought-out, texturally sound, and had all of the necessary components that should make it delicious, the dishes just didn’t pop. Some were too heavy-handed on the seasoning (overpowering grapefruit in the avocado and crab dish, pungent and oily orange on the duck dish), other dishes seemed overly elaborate for the lukewarm result (cabbage and almond flan), and others I had eaten before and were done better at other restaurants (desert with hay-infused barley and sunchoke chips). At the end of this meal, my palate was left craving salt. For food that has such an enormous amount of butter (you can see them ladling it on the potato pulp dish), it should taste better!

      And, although the sommeliers were approachable and the wines selected were great on their own, I was not impressed by the wine pairing. In fact, this was probably the worst wine pairing I’ve ever had (with the best being Eleven Madison Park). Only the wine paired with the potato pulp really worked, the rest were fine but didn’t achieve that “a-ha” moment when wine enhances the flavor of the food, and vice versa, and the two just make sense together. Pours were also very small, as compared to other wine pairings I’ve had. I usually really enjoy wine pairings at well-reputed restaurants, so this was perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the night. I would advise against the wine pairing, perhaps opt for a bottle or by the glass instead.

      While service was friendly, we felt rushed through dinner. Perhaps I was rushed because I had the earlier seating and the staff knew that someone would be coming for my spot in 2 hours, but I still don’t think that excuses the clip at which my dining partner and I were pushed along. Tip for other diners: take your time on each dish! That’s the only way you’ll end up having a decently paced meal and avoid feeling truly gluttonous.

      My final comment: considering that I could have had omakase at Kiyokawa, gone across the street and eaten at Osteria Mozza, or had the tasting menu at Melisse for about the same price point, I will not be returning to Trois Mec.

      1. what was the price of wine pairing? anyone have their wine list?

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        1. re: rickym13

          For tonight, the premium pairing was $79

          NV Guy Larmandier, Brut
          2012 Maurice Schoech, Pinot Auxerrois
          2010 Francois Chidaine, Vouray, Le Bouchet
          2012 Francois Crochet, Exils, Sancerre
          2008 Dom. du Vieux Telegraphe, Chateauneuf-du-Pape
          2010 Dom. de l'Alliance, Sauternes

              1. re: Ciao Bob

                Good beers ? And also priced high ?????

                1. re: kevin

                  I remember very good beer - Duvel I think was one, but there are other choices. I don't recall price.

            1. FYI to all, they sold out of tickets today within an hour.

              1. Thanks for your response johntea. Interesting. I didn't pay for the meal, so maybe the overall cost didn't resonate as much for me. I think what I loved about it was that it surprised me. I found the flavors complex and well integrated, for the most part. I don't think I've been blown away by unusual flavors and textures since my visit to Red Medicine. Bazaar did that as well, in the early days. And as much I love the "expected and traditional" flavor of a great steak, or a well executed simple pasta dish, it's always fun to have a totally different experience. I agree that the duck dish was not up to par. I initially wasn't crazy about the cabbage dish. But I liked it more after the second and third bite. I found our wine pairings to be spot on. (for the person who asked the regular pairings were $49 and the premium were $79) We sat at the bar as well. A couple next to us got the regular pairing and they said they were very happy with them. But I have no idea their degree of wine knowledge. I'm a fairly serious wine person (but certainly not an expert). I did like the information provided with each pour. I didn't look at the wine list, so we knew we wanted to do the pairing. I certainly will go back. I'm hoping I enjoy the experience as much on the return visit.