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Jan 23, 2014 01:25 PM

tahoe vista birthday dinner

we recently purchased a condo in Tahoe vista and I want to spend my birthday weekend up there-since still no snow, chances are we'll be able to get there.
I want a really nice place for dinner- could be in Tahoe city or all the way to incline..
places I've thought of- wolfdales, big water grille, soule domaine,
any other recommendations?
thank you

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  1. West Shore Inn and Cafe is a new kid on the block and is a great special occasion place, in Homewood. Special for "locals" and now you can qualify as a condo owner. Spectacularly sited for views and architectural drama.

    Or, the venerable old "new" Sunnyside, to get that classic North Shore feel.

    1. I think the nicest for atmosphere is Manzanita at the Ritz. Better yet, I would have a cocktail there and head to Trokay in Truckee. They are the most creative and cutting edge food in the basin. I also like Wolfdales and Plumpjack.

      In Tahoe Vista, the Rustic Lodge in the Cedar Glen Lodge serves up some good food also, but I don't think I would go for a special occasion.

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        Manzanita @ The Ritz is very good, we also love Lone Eagle Grille @ The Hyatt in this area. :)

      2. Our favorite restaurant in--I was going to say "California," but this is a couple of miles into Nevada--is Le Bistro, 120 Country Club Dr, #29, Incline Village.

        By San Francisco standards, its gorgeous prix-fixe, modern French dinners are both superb and reasonably priced.

        It's not only chef-owned, but its Michelin 3-star-, Burgundian-trained chef cooks every meal.

        1. Le Bistro is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. It's a prix fixe meal at a very reasonable price for the 5 course dinner you get. Included are souffle potatoes-that's a real treat-a lost art.

          1. Just in case anyone is curious, we went to souls domains,,, good dinner, lovely place, cold night by the fire... good birthday choice.
            Next time..le bistro