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Jan 23, 2014 01:20 PM

Central Phoenix - Sunday evening meeting restaurant?

I'm looking for a place near central Phoenix to have our monthly board meetings (about 6-8 of us) from 6-9pm .... a place we can sit and not be disturbed/separate area? .... and not too expensive (about $10 -15 each?). Can be any type of food.

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  1. Coup Des Tartes has a meeting room. They aren't open on Sunday, but are available for private events. Not sure what their prices are, but their phone number is 602.212.1082.

    They are at 16th Street and Highland right now, but going to be moving to 17th Street and Osborn in May sometime.

    1. Macayo's offers what you need. I'm not sure if they have your time open, but it's worth a call.

      1. Coco's on 7th Street just north of Mcdowell would match your price point and location requirements

        1. The Arrogant Butcher in downtown Phoenix has a separate room. It may be a little pricey for the budget, but if you stay away from alcohol it wouldn't be too far off.