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Jan 23, 2014 01:06 PM

Gentleman's Club(s) Tampa/Clearwater Area

There is a thread on the site talk board about the appropriateness of a discussion regarding food at topless bars. This made me think of a vacation I took as a much younger single guy to Tampa Bay. I remember on the way to the beaches in Clearwater there was a stretch of highway, before the bridge(s) where there were a number of Gentleman Clubs.

I remember walking into one and being surprised by how "up-scale" it was compared to Jersey. If memory serves me correct the down stairs was a more typical bar, sports bar type environment with a stage or two where some girls would dance (not nude or topless if I recall). Then there was upstairs where there was a full service restaurant and a "VIP" area / lounge.

I'm going back about 25 years ago.....1989/90 range so obviously things could have changed, but is my memory correct? I remember the Gentleman Clubs to be very "upscale" and incorporating sit down table cloth dining as well as typical bar / pub food at the main bar.

Someone help me out....are my foggy memories that far off?

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  1. ...some things do not change.

    1. Yeah, none of that is there any more... I know the place you're talking about, but since it was billed as more upscale ----- we went to the place next door, The Tanga Lounge...

      They cleared that whole strip...

      I loved the golden raisins and apples they put in their chicken sandwiches & salads for happy hour... ;-)

      1. Scarlet's
        Used to be a Japanese steak house before that
        No longer there (under a roadway).

        1. The food at Scores is supposedly very good. Haven't tried it myself but have heard it from various people.