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Jan 23, 2014 12:55 PM

Henan food and hand pulled noodles in SGV?

Where are the best places for Henan cuisine (河南) and Lanzhou pulled noodles (蘭州拉麵)in the SGV or generally in LA?

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  1. someone recently mentioned that the last remaining location of liang's kitchen in monterey park put out a small separate menu featuring henan cuisine. i organized a group of folks to go check it out earlier this month only to see most of them order out of the franchise menu. *sigh*.

    i can confirm that they serve a pretty good lamb noodle soup with what looks like hand pulled noodles about 18" long. the garlic sauce served with lamb surpasses the garlic sauce at qingdao bread food by about a 5 kiloton yield. of course, they have lamb skewers with cumin, but it's hard to screw that up.

    1. Langzhou wannabe: H&H (though it just got sold, natch; YMMV), Malan.

      Henan: Liang's MPK (for food, just do NOT get the steamed fried meat. It's effin' WEIRD.), Sweethome Grill (for noodles).

      I don't know what is 'b'est. Taste 'em all. Note: downhill alert at Sweethome Grill.