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Jan 23, 2014 11:43 AM

40th Birthday

I am trying to decide where I should take my husband for a blow out dinner.

We have already been to Komi, Cityzen, Eve, Minibar, Ashby Inn, Patowmack Farm and Rogue. We really like farm to table but we also enjoy the more experimental stuff of Rogue.

Any suggestions would be welcome!

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  1. Could you give a vey quick rundown on which of the above were your favorites/most memorable? Least favorite?

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    1. re: Steve

      Eve is one of our favorites and we have been often including a visit to the tasting room.

      Patowmack was good but we went for his birthday and I think it would be better when there are more local options available in the summer.

      We went to Rogue when RJ was out for surgery and Jen Carrol was managing the kitchen. So I have considered going back there when it is all RJ.

      We really loved everything at Ashby and Cityzen.

      We both enjoyed Komi but I wasn't a fan of the goat.

      Minibar was an experience but not a great meal.

      Oh I took him to Teatro Goldoni's chef table back in the day and we both loved it.

      1. re: italy531

        Thanks for the rundown, If RJ is in at Rogue, you should go back. Sit in the inner circle of tables and chat him up.

        I was at Potwmack years ago, early spring, and the meal was very limited because of the season.

    2. Inn at Little Washington is what you're missing. That and Table 21 at Volt. Lastly, if you like Italian, see if you can get reservation at Al Dente for the tasting menu, and if you like Japanese, then Sushi Taro at the sushi bar for omakase,

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      1. re: Worldwide Diner

        Thanks Worldwide. The Inn and Volt are on our lists but a little far to not incorporate a night away and our daughter is going thru a seperation anxiety phase that wouldn't make them possible.

        I'll look into Al Dente and Sushi Taro.

        1. re: italy531

          It's called Roberto's 4 at Al Dente. I think Roberto only does it on Tues and Wed each week. Call them and check about availability. Same thing with Sushi Taro, you have to call them.

          1. re: Worldwide Diner

            Roberto's 4 was the best meal I had in DC last year, topping Rogue, Elisir, Bibiana, Corduroy, and Palena, among many others.

      2. How about The Source or Equinox? They might not necessarily be as experimental at Rogue but they certainly focus on bold, delicious flavors and especially in the case of Equinox, farm-to-table cuisine.

        1. Thanks for all the ideas. I e-mailed Roberto's 4 but got no response. We ended up going to Rogue 24 and had an amazing meal. Some of the highlights for me were the foie gras, sunchoke, lamb neck, and all 3 desserts but every dish was really good. The experience itself was also wonderful being able to watch the chef's (we had a table facing the kitchen) and getting to chat a bit with RJ. I would recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for a great experience and some pretty amazing food.