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Jan 23, 2014 11:02 AM

Hellmann's Mayonnaise substitute in the New York area?

Now that Unilever has wrecked Hellmann's Mayonnaise by changing the formula, what are former Hellmann's lovers using instead?

In another post, several people recommended "Duke's" and said that it's not at all sweet, which is what I remember about the earlier, good version of Hellmann's. Unfortunately, I'm in New York and Duke's does not appear to be available up here.

(By the way, the present incarnation of Hellmann's tastes WEIRD - why on earth did Unilever screw around with something that everybody who eats mayonnaise seemed to love?)



Glendale is hungry...

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  1. Trader Joe's mayo is good, and was number 2 on this list from Serious Eats. (Kraft was number one, TJ's/Duke's tied for two, and Hellman's three.)

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    1. re: susan1353

      TJ defintely good. No sugar - Hellman's does add sugar - doubt if the Unilever change has removed it. Duke's also has no sugar but have never tasted - supposedly very good.

      It's pretty easy to make your own - just don't use Olive Oil - OO has peculiar property of becoming bitter when 'whipped.'

      Pity if Unilver has messed with H. My dad was a Hellman's salesman in NY in 40's - so grew up on it.

      1. re: jounipesonen

        Ditto- if they've effed with the recipe i'm going to go elsewhere. The Kewpie stuff is good, and the Kraft mayo at work in the packets is good at work, but doesn't translate to good eats at home, for some reason.

      1. I always buy Hellmann's but not very often because I don't use it very much. When did it change? I buy the reduced fat version if it matters...

        1. Grew up in Jersey eating Hellman's but when I moved south
          of the MD line I became a Duke's convert. It can be ordered
          from their website if you'd like to give it a try.

          1. Try Cain's mayonnaise. I think it's *mostly* a New England brand, but it could also be in the NY area.

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              1. re: hotoynoodle

                Never did a side-by-side comparison. I'll have to see what it costs to order some Dukes for a comparison there.