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Jan 23, 2014 10:39 AM

UBC, Dunbar & Kerrisdale restaurants

I'm coming to Vancouver for an extended visit and my parents live in Southlands so am wondering if there any interesting places nearby?

I know there is loads of new development around UBC so are there any new places? (I unsuccessfully tried to have a Menchies frozen yogurt in Westbrook Village on my last visit, but upon sampling, realized it is utterly crap).

The village no longer has the good Chinese stall (the weird one in the corner with all the yellow signage), or the Indian (which was disgusting and marvelous), actually on second thought, that underground food court is too depressing.

All and any suggestions welcomed.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      Been to Faubourg, ok croissants.

      Bigsby looks promising!

      Any more suggestions.? Thanks SS

    2. speaking of UBC area - and the "underground food court" - I assume OP means SUB - one of the depressing (esp during traditional school season) dark, dank, 70's concrete fortresses of all time ---- it will be interesting to know what will open there (in terms of food services) and how their food procurement and food
      waste etc will be handled - I believe it opens in time for Fall 2014 school start. (for any old alumns - what have they named that building - the Nest?! as in T Bird Nest.)

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      1. re: Georgia Strait

        No I didn't mean the SUB, I meant the UBC Village Food Court.

        1. re: islandgirl

          Whats the clubhouse like? Is it just nearby or is it a good restaurant?

          I refuse to at a a place called Enigma, its just too retarded a name (same goes with Burgoo, I suppose).

            1. re: LotusRapper

              It's already disappointed me and I've never been, Ignorant of the etymology of their name, I was seriously annoyed to find they didn't serve hamburgers. Don't worry though, I made my disappointment well known to the mid-day weekend hostess.

              1. re: brokentelephone

                Burgoo specializes in soups and stews, with some sammies and salads to round things out a bit. Too bad you had to find out they're not a burger place. For that, go to Vera's Burger Shack in UBC Village (beside Staples), or Enigma ('tho you're no fan of them), Westward Ho Bar & Grill (Univ. Golf Club),

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  Trying to figure out if the previous posts were sarcastic or not... they may not be particularly great, but Burgoo doesn't refer to hamburgers

                  1. re: LotusRapper

                    Hi LR - what do you think of the little bakery on main level (ground level) on what i would call the west side of ubc VILLAGE building (where Staples is)

                    also - have you been in the japanese restaurant - i think it is 2nd floor (kind of above staples) - we went recently - and I thought it was pretty good - the service was very polite and patient with our multi-generational family

                    1. re: Georgia Strait

                      Hi GS - I wish I could answer both of your Q's, but I can't since I've not been to neither. What are the names of those two places ?

                      1. re: LotusRapper

                        i think that the Japanese place is called ONE MORE SUSHI ----- it is on the 2nd floor near the skywalk that crosses kind of above Starbucks / Staples


                        there is another sushi place downstairs on the ground sidewalk level - not a fan of that place

                        the little bakery called Oven Fresh Bakery (according to VCH inspection report) is over on Western Parkway - the same side as Veras Burgers - the owners seem to be fr SE Asia - that said, the product is baguette, pork buns, quiche - best selection in the mornings -and way better than the food from McD or THorton etc which are also in that neighborhood campus area


              2. re: brokentelephone

                Hmmm, I guess "all and any suggestions" are not welcome...

                1. re: islandgirl

                  Well, I though it was implied that I wouldn't want to eat somewhere with a ridiculous or misleading name. I should've been more clear.

            2. Oh how I miss The Varsity Grill !

              I've never been to Sage (wife has, I could ask her how it was), but it may be worth a try for you:


              Along W. 10th, there's also Provence Mediterranean Grill, Mix The Bakery, En Cuisine, Burgoo Bistro (Islandgirl mentioned already), Cafe Katzenjammer and Hime Sushi.

              On Dunbar at 28th, there's Handi Cuisine of India. At 27th there's Butter Baked Goods's new tea room, with their larger premise on Mackenzie at 33rd.

              Other notable places in Kerrisdale and Marpole:

              In Kerrisdale:

              - Ajisai Sushi
              - Golden Ocean Seafood Restaurant
              - Secret Garden Tea Company
              - Fish Cafe
              - Tokyo Thyme
              - Baan Wasana Thai

              In Marpole:

              - Mirchi
              - Red Star Seafood Restaurant
              - Vera's Burger Shack
              - The Place (awesome Shanghainese food
              )- Tai Tung Chinese Seafood Restaurant
              - Daimo Noodle Restaurant
              - Talay Thai

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              1. re: LotusRapper

                Thanks. Not too many new since was last there. Will have to try the place tho.

              2. Rajio on 10th for deep fried Japanese things on sticks and kimchi caesar;
                Handi on Dunbar solid Indian, good take-out business with on-line ordering, eat-in seems quiet;
                Spice Islands on 41st Indonesian, haven't been in a while, it was v. good and quite pricey;
                Crepe Cafe on 41st for savoury buckwheat crepes;
                En on 10th isn't there anymore but replaced by a different Japanese place of some fame from the North Shore (name?), nice lunch bento choices.
                And yes, sad about the Chinese place in the UBC Village! Don't think Westbrook has added much except the Taiwanese noodle place which wasn't great the one time I was there but maybe I ordered poorly.

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                1. re: waver

                  The Kitchen-(Korean) formerly of Kerrisdale now 2620 Sasamat just off 10th-has some good reviews.

                  1. re: Sam Salmon

                    That's the place beside Sasamat Pizza. Walked by in the summer, peeked in, looked interesting.

                    1. re: LotusRapper

                      I've been wanting to try The Kitchen since they first opened. My hairdresser used to be in this same spot before she closed up shop! We tried it for the first time tonight - would have loved to stay there to eat, but my husband has mobility issues due to his Lyme treatment, so my son and I walked down to pick up the food. Nice ambiance inside! Friendly people working there. Ordered some pan-fried dumplings, Regular bibimbap, salmon bibimbap, and Chicken BBQ (Dak Bulgogi). Got home and discovered that the regular bibimbap was missing (they hadn't charged us for it). My son ran back to re-order it, 'cause he really wanted bibimbap and added a seafood ramyeon (he wanted to try the Haejang Ramyeon - Ramyeon after Hangover, but they were all out). Everything was fresh and tasty - portions are not very large, though. I was disappointed that the bibimbap was missing the ground beef, although it's listed as one of the ingredients. The salmon bibimbap was nice (raw salmon). It's served over salad and rice. Dumplings were good. Filled with pork, and six of 'em in a large order for $9 - a bit pricey. I really liked the BBQ Chicken. It had a bit of kick to it, although I asked for mild - I'm okay with it, but my daughter was less than thrilled. The seafood ramyeon was a good-sized portion, with a dumpling on the bottom. A few containers of kimchi and marinated beans and bean curd accompanied our orders, so that was nice. I'd go back - hopefully to eat in, just 'cause I like the atmosphere.

                      BTW - the underground food court at UBC is in the same complex that houses McDonald's. Walk through the double doors, and a staircase takes you down to a food court that boasts a couple of sushi outlets, Chinese food, Falafel - and not much in the way of ambiance. It's okay stuff - fairly inexpensive, and better than most stuff in SUB (The Honour Roll is a meh sushi place in SUB). I still have a soft spot for The Delly in the SUB, though - they've been there since the 70s, I think.

                      1. re: Chomp

                        A UBC alumi group here :-)

                        Chomp is right, this is also known as University Plaza:


                        But those of you (myself included) who graduated before 1990 wouldn't have used it since it wasn't built until the early '90s IIRC. Our options back then was the old strip mall where the pharmacy, CIBC and University Village Restaurant was, and still are.

                        The aforementioned U Plaza basement food court I find even more depressing than the SUB's since it's a fluorescent dungeon. Having said that I have had some okay-tasting eats at one or two of the Chinese vendors. This was as recent as about 2 years ago when I happened to be in the area and needed to pick up some items at Staples in the Village.

                        Since we're strolling down memory lane, anyone remember Yum Yum's in the Old Admin building ? Or the Ponderosa Cafe, and the Old Bus Stop Cafe ?



                        1. re: LotusRapper

                          Oh, Yum yums - loved that place. Nice lunch ladies always called everyone "dear" and "sweetie." Totally defined Chinese food for me for a long time.

                          1. re: waver

                            Oh those sweet "grandmas" behind the sunken counter at The Bus Stop Cafe (which was next door to the *original* campus bookstore eons before) were always extra nice to me, giving me more fries or salad, and [hush] free coffee refills. That was during my grad year when I had many Arts electives to fill up my schedule, not to mention the female student population at the north end of the campus was far superior to those at the south end ........

                          2. re: LotusRapper

                            I remember going to Yum Yum's for chow mein quite a few times! The Bus Stop closed during my first year at UBC. I now work on campus, so I notice the changes going on all the time. Anybody remember when Kinkos used to be where U Plaza is? Then there was a fire, and that was the end of that. University Village Chinese Restaurant recently closed down. The space has been divided into two separate businesses: A&W and Pizza Garden - those two are still at pre-opening stage.

                            1. re: Chomp

                              Sad to hear about UV Chinese. Dunno if it always had the same owner, but the place sure had a long run.

                              If it's the same Pizza Garden as:


                              The kids are in for a treat !

                    2. re: waver

                      Thanks WAVER!

                      My buddy said that Japanese place is pretty good and excellent lunch specials. I used to go to En all the time when I was at UBC and in high school, sad it closed though admittedly it wasn't spectacular.