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Jan 23, 2014 09:53 AM

The First Rule of the Gin Club...

is you post about the Gin Club. Last night I went to The Winslow (http://thewinslownyc.com/index.php) for the first meeting of what may become a weekly thing. Brian Ellison, the CEO of Death's Door Gin, gave a brief talk and answered questions about his company and gin in general. He also brought t-shirts for everyone. Tickets were $20, and well worth it.

Gin & tonics were served, along with a shot of straight gin and some nice snacks (french fries, deviled eggs, crumpets with mushroom ragout, pigs in blankets, and some other stuff I can't remember because gin). We mixed our own bees knees cocktails. We chatted amongst ourselves. It was very pleasant. One of the organizers told me future meetings might feature make-your-own tonic and bitters. It was my first time at The Winslow, a handsome space with a friendly staff and a good selection of beer and liquor, so I'd go back even without the siren call of gin.

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  1. Snacks and The Winslow sound good.

    This girl doesn't do gin . . .was at death's door many years ago.

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      I hear you. Tequila and I had a falling out a couple of decades ago. We've taken some baby steps toward reconciliation, but I'm still a little gun shy.

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        Thanks to tequila, I slept on a cold, marble floor.

        I can handle a shot of Jaegermeister now and then. Perfect weather for it.

        Now I'm getting in the mood for some fried chicken. . .

    2. Having just spent Tuesday night guiding my NYC Fried Chicken Club through snow drifts and blizzard conditions to visit Charles' Country Pan Fried Chicken, I would have loved to follow up the next night by joining somebody else for Gin Club. How far in advance does the Winslow announce these events and how often do they occur?

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        I stumbled upon the announcement by accident, so I don't know when it was originally posted. One of the organizers (Mark, I think) was taking email addresses, and you could get on the list if you call or contact info@thewinslownyc.com. Since last night was the inaugural, I'm not sure how often the meetings will happen. But the turnout was good - about 30 people - so it seems likely there will be others.

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          I see the event ran from 7:00 to 10:00 so for those three hours was the whole place open only to those who had bought tickets, or did it all happen in a private room?

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            We were in a private room at the back of the bar, glass enclosed but separate (see below, from the gallery section of the bar's website - the tables were arranged differently to accommodate more people). It was closer to two hours than three, also. The rest of the bar was open to all.

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            Thanks again for the heads up, small h. I got a week's notice from The Winslow for tonight's gin club meeting, so I will be in attendance. It'd be nice to see other Chowhounds or sundry gin fans there.

            1. re: JungMann

              I got the notice too, but unfortunately I can' t make it tonight. Next time, hopefully. Have fun!