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Jan 23, 2014 09:35 AM

Pairing Advice: Heritage Pork Chops?

Hi all,

Could really use some advice on a wine pairing for dinner tonight. We will be making a thick cut Mangalitsa pork chop using this [url=] recipe[/url]. We have made this dish twice before using sauv blanc but with the amount of fat in a mangalitsa chop we are wondering if a red may be a better choice.

Considering a monastrell (have a 2009 JuanGil handy) but am also reading about pinot and pork.

Any suggestions welcome!

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  1. I would probably prefer a Pinot Noir. Pommard maybe...

    or conceivably a Meursault.

    1. I'm really into Riesling and pork myself. Not the stone dry versions so popular now but someting with a little residual sugar. Joseph Leitz Dragonstone is my current fav.

      1. Congratulations. I can't imagine a worse match for this dish than sauvignon blanc so you're definitely moving in the right direction.

        This is an interesting dish where a "red and white" is really fitting.

        In reds, several can work: Rioja, Pinot Noir, or Valpolicella Ripasso. A soft-edged zinfandel is nice for that matter.
        In whites: Riesling (around kabinett).

        Don't be surprised if you find yourself loving riesling more than the red, but both on the table will be very delicious and educational.

        Please report back

        1. Thank you all for the suggestions. The original sauv blanc pairing shows that we are noobs, but definitely trying to improve. :)

          We will definitely go with a choice of red and white. Big question is which to cook with, the red or the white. The recipe calls for deglazing for a pan sauce....

          Riesling will be served, but something a little sweeter than a kabinett. One of our guests is just getting into wines and we're trying to ease her into ones less sweet than grocery store moscato.

          Red options handy in the range mentioned include a Hendry Zinfandel or Central Otago (NZ) Pinot Noirs.

          Will report back...thank you!

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          1. re: shellnyc

            Your recipe uses vermouth as the braise and then asks to reduce it with high heat after the chops are done. I would not add any of the wines you're drinking. Either reduce the vermouth and juices or add some more vermouth and again reduce. A bit of creme fraiche could be nice, to smooth the sauce...

            1. re: shellnyc

              "something sweeter than a kabinett"...

              a non-dry kabinett is sweet, and depending on the vintage and wine-maker can be quite sweet... but I don't have a problem at all with a riper spatlese here either... again, try both...

              This is a very wine-friendly dish that you can experiment with. For example, you might prepare one chop with a little more heat... marinade with a hint of chili and cilantro and a touch more garlic, not enough to alter the fundamental flavors, but enough to "deepen" them and thus bring the dish all the closer to a spatlese IMO, while retaining connectivity to the other wines....

              BTW: alot of your pairing decisions here could hinge on what else is being served at this meal, which you haven't mentioned, so that's another unknown factor...

              Looking forward to your report, and thanks for sharing your impressions....

            2. My first thought was Pinot Noir. However if you want a white how about Fiano? I had a bottle tonight and was getting fennel which should pair well with pork.