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Jan 23, 2014 08:58 AM

Courthouse Metro

Any recommendations for dinner tonight (Thursday, 1/23) near Courthouse Metro in Arlington? I'm meeting a friend from out of town and want something casual and almost all ethnicities of food are welcome. Cheaper is better than more expensive.

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  1. Here is the link for my post about Taste of Tunisia:

    I hope this is helpful.

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    1. re: Steve

      Steve, Google Maps says Taste of Tunisia has closed. Is that inaccurate?

      1. re: foresthillseater

        Oh well, another one bites the dust. I just tried the phone number, and it appears to be closed.

        Bayou Bakery has New Orleans fare, but it is open only until 9pm. Mostly sandwiches, but a daily special every evening. If they offer the Arm Drip sandwich, is it a five-star Chwohound delight! Otherwise, go for the special.


    2. There is Ray's the Steaks diagonally opposite the elevator at the Courthouse Metro and Me Jana, a Lebanese place, a few doors away down Clarendon Boulevard.

      1. I agree with BookGuy, Ray's the Steaks is fabulous.
        If you fancy Thai, we LOVE Sawatdee's (bit tricky to find - it is buried in the courtyard - but worth it for their Pad See Ew).
        Sawatdee's is likely to work out cheaper than Ray's the Steaks.

        1. My companion vetoed Thai, so we went to Ray's the Steaks. Had a great meal and really enjoyed it. Thanks!