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Jan 23, 2014 08:57 AM

Question about King Crab Season 2014

Hi Chowhounders

Planning a weekend trip from L.A. to Vancouver for mid-March. I was wondering what's the likelihood that'll coincide with primetime King Crab season? Also, since there's only 2 of us travelling, is it possible to find smaller King Crabs that are good for 2 people? (I've only seen pictures of 10+ lb King Crabs that are usually served for bigger parties.)

Anyway, any insight is appreciated. BTW, I've been travelling to Vancouver the past couple of years because the city, people, and, most importantly, food are great! You guys got it good there!! Thanks in advance.

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    1. thank you for the compliment - I'm glad there are direct flights betw/ our respective metro areas

      you sound like you enjoy seafood and are interested in sustainable - this website from the Vancouver aquarium may interest you -

      do you see on the right-hand side of page you can choose a "species" --- and just below that, you can find certified (by this program) businesses

      it's a little fresh in terms of temp outside today (hovering around 38F in the shade at 9"30am) however the sun is out and it's nice and clear and clean - have a look at the food truck threads here - that's something that is easy to enjoy during (mainly) weekdays during lunch hour downtown.

      1. ps - not sure of your budget - this is higher-end - well-reputed - seafood - it is in the Four Seasons Hotel downtown

        1. thanks for the replies so far. just to clarify, i'm interested in King Crab prepared at a Chinese restaurant, i.e. the 3 or 4 courses with steamed legs, fried knuckles, and rice or noodles.

          i've previously read that there's a short timeframe where the King Crab is abundant and cheap (relative to the other parts of the year). i thought it was somewhere in the february to may timeframe, but i could be wrong. can anyone confirm this timeframe? thanks.

          1. Some discussions from prior years:


            mid-march is getting late but you should still be able to find some (in particular small may be all you find that late) but much depends on the catch.