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Jan 23, 2014 08:36 AM

Happy Hour @ Townhouse/Birmingham - DTW

I meet regularly with two very close friends from college for a happy hour. Yesterday we tried the one @ Townhouse in Birmingham. It was terrific and a terrific value! (The dinner and lunch menus are way too rich for my wallet.)

The happy hour menu includes 3/$20 -- drinks and apps (e.g. 2 drinks, 1 app; 1 drink, 2 apps.)

We ordered a sauvignon blanc and a pinot noir that were very good. The apps included crispy Brussels sprouts in brown butter, fried Manchego cheese w/ apple & dried cherries, and truffled fries with garlic aioli.

All were excellent -- crispy, hot, well-seasoned and very generous portion. Service was low key and hospitable.

Great chow bang for your $20 bucks.

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  1. Thank you! A lot of my business contacts are around Birmingham but I have my own biz going and a lower budget than the big banks and law firms. $20 for a drink or two and something I love (like crispy Brussels sprouts) is very appealing! I know where to meet my M&A buddy next time. I would have passed this over as a "Trust Fund Baby" joint otherwise.

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      Maybe start a Happy Hour thread with your criteria. It would be nice to have a consolidated list, but I don't get out enough to start one with my critera. Plus, my criteria might be politically incorrect, as I kind of like at least a little something scenery wise (scenery wise only).
      PS- I had high hopes for the HH at Fleming's Steakhouse, but was disappointed, particularly because of a couple lame dishes.

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        VTB - I think that's great idea... I'll start it!