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Best burger in Philly

Looking for the best burger in the philly or in the surrounding suburbs

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  1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6894...

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      A comprehensive thread, indeed. Burgers and cheesesteak "Best of" never seem to be exhausted.

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        And pizza and hoagies.

    2. Village Whiskey comes to mind... with duck fat fries (and short rib.)

      1. The industry in Pennsport does a good burger - not sure it was on the other thread

        1. Village Whiskey. So good, I can't believe it.

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            Yeah, that's a pretty good burger. I shared one right after having stumbled out of the Shake Shack next door, which is also decent but in a totally different league, of course.

          2. Different part of the city, but up in Fox Chase give the burger at Hop Angel a try. Burgermeister-meisterburger is a beast with a 10oz beef burger with Swiss cheese, a fried egg, crispy onions, HAB sauce, and ham.


            1. For the ultimate in Philly burger-foodie geekdom, on Facebook there is actually a several hundred member "Burger Club of Philadelphia". They do monthly visits to different local restaurants, and often get special burger menus prepared for them. They also have a blog with all their past reviews.

              As I remember, they had a newspaper article written about them a while back. The story goes that once they had so many people (>30) show up at Ela to try the bar burger, that the management wouldn't let any more of them come in!

              I've never gone, but I was thinking about going next week (to Serrano, sounds like they are doing a special menu). Looks like ~12 people have signed up.


              1. PYT: http://pytphilly.com/

                1. I'm late to this thread, but I can vouch for Village Whiskey's burger...it's really really good

                  The Whiskey king (in my humble opinion) lives up to the hype! Yeah, so it's $26 for a burger... it's still worth it to me

                  Maple Bourbon Glazed Cipollini, Rogue Bleu Cheese, Applewood Bacon, Foie Gras

                  1. EGG Pub in Fishtown makes a great burger - best in the neighborhood IMHO.

                    1. Village Whiskey is excellent. Personally, I'm partial to North 3rd.