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Best burger in Philly

Looking for the best burger in the philly or in the surrounding suburbs

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      A comprehensive thread, indeed. Burgers and cheesesteak "Best of" never seem to be exhausted.

    2. Village Whiskey comes to mind... with duck fat fries (and short rib.)

      1. The industry in Pennsport does a good burger - not sure it was on the other thread

        1. Village Whiskey. So good, I can't believe it.

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            Yeah, that's a pretty good burger. I shared one right after having stumbled out of the Shake Shack next door, which is also decent but in a totally different league, of course.

          2. Different part of the city, but up in Fox Chase give the burger at Hop Angel a try. Burgermeister-meisterburger is a beast with a 10oz beef burger with Swiss cheese, a fried egg, crispy onions, HAB sauce, and ham.


            1. For the ultimate in Philly burger-foodie geekdom, on Facebook there is actually a several hundred member "Burger Club of Philadelphia". They do monthly visits to different local restaurants, and often get special burger menus prepared for them. They also have a blog with all their past reviews.

              As I remember, they had a newspaper article written about them a while back. The story goes that once they had so many people (>30) show up at Ela to try the bar burger, that the management wouldn't let any more of them come in!

              I've never gone, but I was thinking about going next week (to Serrano, sounds like they are doing a special menu). Looks like ~12 people have signed up.


                1. I'm late to this thread, but I can vouch for Village Whiskey's burger...it's really really good

                  The Whiskey king (in my humble opinion) lives up to the hype! Yeah, so it's $26 for a burger... it's still worth it to me

                  Maple Bourbon Glazed Cipollini, Rogue Bleu Cheese, Applewood Bacon, Foie Gras

                  1. EGG Pub in Fishtown makes a great burger - best in the neighborhood IMHO.

                    1. Village Whiskey is excellent. Personally, I'm partial to North 3rd.