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Jan 23, 2014 08:14 AM

Lower Maine

Heading up to lower Maine for a "pre-birthday" lunch... love places like Billy's Chowder House, but, they are not open yet.Not fancy but fun with a good vibe.
Any suggestions? Ocean/salt marsh views, good seafood, decent beer and wine list are a plus.
Nothing like Maine in the single digits!

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  1. Did you also post on the N New England board? Lower Maine ain't exactly Boston Area.

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      I haven't been on CH in ages... forgot there was a NE board.

    2. When is it you're going? Billy's is reopening on Jan 31st.

      Looks like Varano's and Maine Diner are also not opening until the 31st.

      Congdon's should be open, I'm thinking. I've only ever had breakfast there, though. Dunno from their lunches.

      1. Wells, Kennebunkport, Arundle, etc. Antique shops and such... just a nice day to see the ocean and surroundings. Love Maine in the winter...
        Have you ever been to Seaglass in Salisbury, MA?

        1. One of our favorite places in that area in the off season is The Lobster Cove Restaurant directly on the ocean in York Beach, Maine. Just about exactly the kind of place you described. Open all year, but I would still call first just to make sure. Stick to basics and the food is fine and reasonably priced. Best views are from the 2nd floor. Go after the typical lunch hour and you will pretty much have the place to yourselves.