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Jan 23, 2014 07:11 AM

Nanola (Malta)?

Anyone been yet?

Your experience?

We'd like to find a casual place in Malta with really good food (think Crazy Cow) and a vibe similar to Powers (our NOT Toga or Strata tonight place). Not looking for a cavernous dining area or vibe like Recovery.

Nothing on Yelp yet:

Their website and Facebook:

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  1. we ended up at nanola saturday night as our friends were playing there. figured it would be a good time to check it out. i ordered the grilled oysters for an app. on the menu you can order gumbo or etoufee and your choice of add on. i had the gumbo with crawfish. it came with either a salad or soup but since i was getting gumbo i ordered the salad. what i got was like a diner salad; some iceberg lettuce, cucumber and a couple of grape tomatoes with dressing on the side. i would have liked something a little more gourmet with spring greens and maybe some roasted peppers. my app came out with the gumbo which i didn't order that way but not a big deal. the oysters were topped with a bit of parmesan and were pretty good. what they tried to pass off as gumbo is still a bit confusing. when's the last time you had gumbo served on a plate? it was thick and had a lot of red beans. the crawfish were just thawed and handful tossed on top, not even cooked in. i asked if the waitress if they had given me red beans and rice by mistake and she tried to tell me they make the gumbo thicker and it was correct. either way, it was quite bland and even a fair amount of hot sauce didn't correct it. it was served with what looked like instant rice and a store bought cornbread muffin. i don't think i'll be going back anytime soon. i've had a lot of cajun and creole food and this wasn't it.

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    1. re: davmar77

      davmar77, thanks for the report.

      I've been curious about Nanola.

      We were lucky to have the "real stuff" in Louisiana last year :)

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        i had a friend who had an amazing cajun place on long island and i used to attend the new orleans jazz & heritage festival every year so i'm glad to have had the real thing many times. this place wasn't even close.

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