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Jan 23, 2014 06:56 AM

Birchrunville cafe

Is it true that they have plans to move away from their place in Birchrunville? If so, where are they moving to and who is taking over their spot?

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  1. I don't believe this is true. At least I hope not. This is our favorite place, and they accepted a reservation we have for next month.

    1. We too love the place and heard they had sold the property but were still going to be in business elsewhere.
      I hope you are right.

      1. Spoke to Francis, who denied any rumor that he's moving or closing.

        1. We are going there tomorrow night. Looking forward to it.

          1. We had a wonderful dinner at Birchrunville Cafe last night. We asked the waitress and she said the owner has no plans to move. It is still byob which helps to save a lot of money. Hubby said the bill excluding the tip was about $140 for the two of us. We each had an appetizer, plus another first course, two main courses - he had steak and I had veal - and two desserts for that price. If we would have skipped the second first course, the bill would have been less than $120. Very nice presentations and great service.

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              (big smile) One less thing to worry about!