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Jan 23, 2014 06:05 AM

40th Birthday Celebration Help

I am hoping someone can help me plan my own 40th Bday Celebration.
Although I have lived in South FL for a # of yrs, I was already done with partying when I moved here, and so I have never really experienced the "Southbeach" nightlife, hence my question.
Ideally I would like to go out on a Sat night and do one of the following:
a) Go to a restaurant where we can eat good food, but also with a nice, loungey ambiance, and good music so we can stay after dinner and continue drinking.
b) Go out for cocktails at a cool lounge/bar followed by a nice late dinner
Would anyone kindly offer suggestions? I was considering possibly going to the Fountainebleau or The Delano to experience the quintessential South FL, but I am open to suggestions...mainly I just want to have a good time :)

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. If you do Fountainbleu:
    Hakkasan (very, very expensive)
    Scarpetta (very expensive) -- dish for dish probably the best Italian in town...
    Bleu bar

    Other choices
    Dutch (pricey) (oysters, oyster sliders, pork chop and ribeye for 2), then the bar next door
    Bazaar (very expensive), then Hyde or bar centro, the bar outside, or the regent cocktail club across the street

    The food at the Delano is not as good as the places above...

    Note, I still have not tried Restaurant Michael Schwartz, Lorenzo and Mina 74, but I would look into them as alternatives...

    1. TP has good options. And I would seriously consider Mina 74. It's perfect for a)

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      1. re: The Chowfather

        Just went to Mina 74 and enjoyed the experience overall. I thought the raw bar was expensive but excellent. And enjoyed the shabu shabu (really really expensive but would order again) and the quail foie gras. The pinapple dessert and the chocolate cake were great too.

        Unfortunately they overcooked my burger to the point it was too dry for me to consider it among my favorites but I still enjoyed it as there was a lot that was right about it -- the bacon the sauce the bread and how they all blended together.

        At the end of the day, I think scarpetta is better, but both are very good and very different from each other.

        CF, as an aside, you really need to try the new burger at pubbelly. It is killer -- go early during the week because they make limited amounts per night. I think it is on the menu least I hope so. Ironically, much better than the burger at PB Steak.

        1. re: tpigeon

          TP- that mina burger is great. Shame they hammered yours. Pubbelly and Lure burgers are next up for me. The quail/foie and the snapper/scallop curry dish are must gets at Mina.

        2. re: The Chowfather

          Chowfather...ended up going to MM74...LOVED food, ambiance, drinks...just wanted to say thanks! Definitely a place to visit when wanting a lounge/celebration vibe..very cool!

          1. re: giarig

            Great to hear!! Thx for the feedback

        3. Thanks so much for the replies! So far its between The Dutch and Mina 74...appreciate the suggestions!

          1. Just a question tpigeon....if they didn't deliver your hamburger as you requested....why didn't you send it back? I'm sure it was a very expensive hamburger!
            Again, just curious to know....

            Ft. Pierce, FL

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            1. re: LargeLife

              It was one of the last things I ordered in a 3+ hour meal. I kind of wanted to get out of there at that point (I get fountainbleu fatigue) and the burger was still good. They did not torch it, I just mean rare when I say rare. They did medium rare.

              1. re: tpigeon

                "Fountainbleu Fatigue".......GREAT TERM!

                OK....not too much difference between rare and medium rare....At least you weren't going for "Well Dead"

                3+ hour!.....I might have needed a mid-meal

                Thanks for all your input here....always reliable...

                Ft. Pierce, FL