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Jan 23, 2014 05:23 AM

[Liverpool] Bakchich

Finally made it to this Lebanese cafe on Bold Street. Exactly as I'd hoped. Friendly, busy, authentic, good value...service somewhat absent(minded) but great lamb shawarma wrap in proper smoky flatbread, a side of grilled halloumi with a parsley/onion/tomato/olive salad and more flatbread, and a very moreish pomengranate and orange blossom juice and an arabic coffee. All portions were generous (apart from they forgot my pickles, and the pickles are only gherkins, plus it would be nice to have the option of some fiery heat from something).

But definitely going to go back to try some of the other mezze, and also their main dishes.

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  1. Went again last night. Same story: excellent food, service had to be summoned!

    Lovely labneh with pomengranate, home made harissa, sudjac (spicy sausage) and manakeesh with cheese and thyme, followed by kabsah with lamb, beautifully fragrant rice, and himself had the grilled lamb cubes. The lamb in both dishes was VERY generous and smokily tender.

    Their soft drinks (no booze) are also very inventive and tasty. Lots of home made fruit combos with herbs and spices. I had lemon/lime/mint and apple/lemon/ginger.

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      Thanks for these updates - I had a second takeaway from there a little while ago and hadn't enjoyed as much as the first, but maybe it was a one off or my mood or something. Will defo go back soon - it's good to see some decent middle eastern food here.

      1. re: Theresa

        Maybe they don't try as hard with the takeaways? However my wrap was v good.