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Jan 23, 2014 01:01 AM

gluten free restaurant?

Looking for recs for a restaurant that has great gluten free options. planning to be there memorial day weekend. Thanks!

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  1. The Korean vegetarian restaurant Hangawi (
    and its little sister cafe Franchia ( have good options. I just checked and both have gluten-free menus posted on their web sites.

    1. If you make a reservation and tell them you are gluten free at Otto they will accomodate you with gluten free pasta (for any pasta prep on their menu) as well as let you know which other dishes are gluten free. This would be my first choice for sure!
      This article highlights a few other gluten free restaurants:

      There are also several gf bakeries here- i really like babycakes:

      1. Babycakes for gluten free donuts, Tulus for gf cupcakes and breakfast treats, Bistango for gf Italian. Even my husband who is not gf enjoyed Bistango. As a fun activity--Bistango is just a block away from Kalustyan’s--a spice shop loved by this board.

        Going beyond the more dedicated gf restaurants and bakeries--Bar at the Modern has a separate gf menu. Other restaurants will work with you to identify good gf options (e.g., Bouley's).

        1. My GF and non-GF friends alike rave about the gluten-free pizza at Pala.

          1. Thought i would update this thread for future board searches....
            I had lunch with a friend at Friedman's lunch inside chelsea market and we were both impressed by the huge variety of gluten free options on the menu that are clearly labeled. I had the asian chop salad that they swapped in tofu for the chicken at no additional charge (or attitude!), and my friend loved her salmon salad. My cold pressed beet apple juice was delicious and a very reasonable price.