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Jan 22, 2014 11:09 PM

Brussels foodie recommendations?

Washington, DC Foodie working in Brussels for a week and looking for solo dining recommendations in Brussels--especially if there is a good bar I can dine and work without standing out. Any thoughts?

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  1. “dine and work without standing out” – not really an easy one to answer for Brussels. Good places to eat tend to be busy and although there is no problem about dining solo, it may not always be so easy to work where people like to hang out in the evening. Life is not always easy here for public space Stakhanovites!

    Your best bet may be a wine bar which does food. Some of the following, where I’ve seen folks working on laptops may be quiet enough to work unobtrusively at some times of the day or evening but may also get very busy at other times.

    Piola libri on rue Franklin in an Italian wine shop cum book shop – afternoons are calm but from six onwards it’s full and noisy.

    Winery – two locations, Place Brugmann and rue Juste Lipse (Schumann) could possibly fit the bill.

    Bistro de la Poste and Toucan on Chaussée de Waterloo might also work – possible also a few of the places around nearby Chatelaine like Oeno Tk (kinda Greek place).
    Other place might include comptoir florian on Place St Boniface (very calm, cool, no mobiles please - they'd probably prefer you work with a fountain pen rather than a laptop)or even the cafe in Filigranes book shop.